The FIFA World Cup is arguably the largest sporting event every 4 years and this year was no exception. With our German office celebrating (and our Brazil office commiserating their first loss on home soil since 1975 – with a 62 game unbeaten streak) we decided to run a “Cup” of our own. To highlight the global frenzy, we asked our community to illustrate their favorite moments from the tournament.

We are now pleased to announce our 6 Gold Medalists in no particular order:

BATHI: Tim Howard


Highlight: The USA Goalkeeper sets the record for most saves – 16 – in their Round of 16 loss to Belgium

BATHI’s explanation: One impression that inspired me was Howard as a formidable fighter.

Boris Jovanovic: Brazil


Highlight: The crazed atmosphere of Brazil

Boris’ explanation: So while working on this contest and seeing those turnovers in the big teams as well as the crowd, the big variety of cultures, and lot of people out on streets, I came up with something like this. I like to combine various items and subjects in my illustrations to get one new form.

Cross the Lime: World Champions


Cross the Lime’s explanation: Being German, this was of course a truly exhilarating exciting World Cup for me! Ever since we hosted the World Cup in 2006, we were singing a song consisting of all the years we won the World Cup – ’54, ’74, ’90 – hoping to add that next date!

Now it finally came true, that fourth star on our jerseys. But it came with a price – Bastian Schweinsteiger had to be stitched up during the match after a nasty cut underneath his eye… so truly, that is the metaphorical fourth star, at least for me.

RWD�: The Flying Dutchman


Highlight: Van Persie’s diving header goal against Spain’s Goalkeeper, Casillas

RWD�’s explanation: Why does soccer attract so many fans? Why do we keep watching a game even though our team is losing? My interpretation is Hope. I interpreted this feeling from a kid’s perspective. The dream, the fantasy, the hero (like an astronaut). The hero figure, in my opinion, is very related to soccer players.

Asael Varas: The Bite


Highlight: Luis Suarez gets kicked out of the tournament for chomping down on the Italian player, Chiellini

MackLeon: Neymar’s Broken Back


Highlight: The devastation it caused for the team and the Nation for their remaining games in the tournament

MackLeon’s explanation: I took the topic of ‘Brazil’s devastating loss’ because more than 50% of the people in the world are fans of Brazil and this design reaches the majority of public.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all of the amazing designers who participated! We can’t wait to see these posters hanging in our offices around the world!