We asked you all to show us your workspaces — the places where the design magic happens.

The outpouring of responses we received was awesome: from lawns in England to hotel terraces in Southeast Asia; from baby crib-cum-desks to pro DJ stations; from the immaculately clean to the cozy and exploded, these make for a fascinating portrait of our respective day-to-days and the environments from which we draw inspiration.

Take a peek inside!

“On the sunnier days, a trip with the dual screens out of the gloom and into the bloom always make the work fly on. Chipped through a watermelon and some Pimms = the best office.”

– From Wadebridge, Cornwall, England.

“Since my monitor tube is broken, I’m using LCD TV 32 to work, which is not ideal. I intend to buy a computer monitor, size 23 -27 inch, if the budget is enough. 🙂 Wish me luck!”

– From Temanggung, Indonesia

“Simple and minimalist :)”

– From Indonesia

“Not really a special place, but everything I need is close by.”

– From Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“My Dark Side of The Moon. 🙂 I love working at night.”

– From Poland

“My corner space… :D”

– From Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

“The creative room in our loft office. You’re too small? Use the step ladder.”

– From Frankfurt, Germany

“Since our baby was born, I have had no time to work at my desk. And when we see that she doesn’t want to sleep in her own bed, I’ll set up there. So I got some unexpected utility in buying that baby’s bed. :D”

– From Indonesia

“My work is supported by the natural air. I’m used to working while watching television, listening to music. If I feel tired, I sleep in a chair beside me. :)”

– From Bali, Indonesia

“Clean and simple is how I like to work. :)”

– From Stanhope, New Jersey, USA

“I work from my room. This is where I think up all my ideas and apply them to my projects. First, I do research to gather some ideas on which direction to take when starting the project. I draw up ideas and out of 2 or 3, select the 1 that works. Then I start designing. :)”

– From South Africa

“I’m usually working on one of the laptops. Both of them are connected to the middle monitor via VGA switcher so I can use it for either of them. Middle monitor is for designing while the laptop I use only for layers and brushes. For drawing, Wacom bamboo pen & touch. Other stuff is just for DJing!”

– From Hat Yai, Thailand

“In this small room — 2 x 2 meters — I spent a lot of time, exploring anything and everything and developing my skill to join 99designs contests.

“I’ve been here almost 3 years. In front of me I have a whiteboard to write a list of ‘what I have to do,’ and in front of the window there is a printer. I love working in here, even though it looks small. I can reach the world from this small room.”

– From Jakarta, Indonesia

“Small, quiet place.”

– From Subotica, Serbia.

“This is my small workspace :)”

– From Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“My workspace is a home office. I usually start with a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes and turn on music. Sometimes, I use the scanner to scan in my sketched concepts for logo or illustration.

“Sometimes, I go ahead and use my bamboo pen when suddenly the idea comes right to my mind. 🙂 I am also an architect so I use a laptop to render my 3D architecture designs.”

– From Lumajang, Indonesia

“Nothing special. A little bit of a mess.”

– From Tallinn, Estonia.

“Home work space: where I do my research, reading and graphic design.”

– From Newark, New Jersey, USA.

“My workspace is ever changing… adding elements and taking them away. My work space is in a corner of my living room and is available whenever I get the urge to create. I could have cleaned my workspace before taking the picture, but thought I would keep it real.”

– From Canada

– From Indonesia

“I love my workspace because I can work, play the FPS game (online), watch cable TV and listen to loud music… my playground indeed!”

– From Jakarta, Indonesia

“What’s up 99D! I want to show you my mini workspace. All in one concept: graphic designer, gamer and drummer. :)”

– From Denpasar, Indonesia

– From Belgrade, Serbia

“Hi there! For the last few months I have been traveling in Southeast Asia. While traveling, I am also working a bit — working on some designs for my clients and also entering contests once in a while.

Since I am on the go, I am working from my laptop and at the moment I don’t really have a real studio. Each hotel or guest house room that I take is my temporary studio for a few days. I have to say that I have been working at some very weird places and some amazing places lately.

This photo is from my guest house garden at Pai, Thailand. Without a doubt one of the prettiest and uncomfortable places I’ve ever worked. :)”

– From Pai, Thailand

Have to say, we’re pretty jealous! Which are your favorite setups?