Web and Mobile design might be hot right now but PRINT design will always be timeless. Posters, books and magazines created the aesthetic standards in which quality design in digital formats is measured. Print design continues to be a crucial part of any business’s branding and advertising strategy.

This showcase features an excellent collection of work from the 99designs community, ranging from book covers and brochures to magazine advertisements.

1. Portofino Yacht Brochure by v6

This brochure conveys luxury and elegance through excellent color choices and a simple but effective layout.

2. Avante Group IT Consulting Brochure by 610designs

The designer used geometric shapes to balance two distinct messages. The circular pattern in the logo tells people that the firm is modern and adaptable while the rectangular shapes create a sense of stability and security.

3. Hau5 Event Flyer by paul107

This music event flyer is trendy and lively. The blue shading combined with the illusion that people are reaching up toward the information not only draws your attention but also shows that the event is popular and exclusive.

4. Guide to… in Italy Book Covers by funkcreative

The clever use of slanted typography in these book cover designs is both a reference to the iconic Italian building, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the idea that there is something different about doing business in Italy. It’s a great example of how much a skilled designer can do with typography.

5. Private Aviation Company Print Ad by Xebeche

An excellent choice of serif typography, a beautiful woman and a clean white background come together to make this sophisticated and sexy print ad.

6. Quirky Music Magazine Cover by theJoyofSeex

The designer’s style and the image of this quirky music magazine fit together perfectly. This grungy, hand-drawn magazine cover is sure to make this issue stand out.

7. The Oat Bran Guide by line14

Choosing the right typography is often the key to a good book cover. The contrast between the thin, hand-rendered font and the bold all caps font makes the words “Oat Bran” jump off the page.

8. Inter-related Book Covers by mars_cars

These matching book cover designs use bold diagonal lines that imply both power and balance — two key messages which these books are trying to impart on the reader.

9. Somersby Sales Portfolio by Senchy

The designer created this ad to tell a story. It tells you where the product comes from and where you will be if you buy it. Who would’t want to drink cider while frolicking in a green pasture?

10. Children’s Book Cover by BEAN DESIGN

This artwork is fun and playful — the type of playfulness that kids will enjoy and parents will buy.

Thanks to all of the designers for their hard work and awesome designs.

Let us know your favorite designs or post examples of your own in the comments below!