Flat design is all about evoking a crisp, modern feeling and most importantly creating space for users to focus on the content. The clarity of flat design comes through its absence of drop shadows, gradients, textures and skeuomorphs, instead implementing minimal shapes, solid color fills and modern typography. If you are looking to send a clear and accessible message with a contemporary flat design logo, look no further for inspiration!

Flat animal logos

lusca logo
by CostinLogopus

One common approach to flat design is to capture the essence of an animal within a minimal form. The results are often cute, memorable and iconic. This approach also lets your clients know that your brand resonates with the values of a given animal. Take for example the design for Lusca swimwear by 99designer CostinLogopus which features a minimal and flat design of an octopus. The octopus is a cool and unique choice; it seems to navigate effortlessly through water and is different from your run-of-the-mill fish. When swimmers see this logo they will feel that this brand understands exactly what they want and need. It doesn’t hurt that the logo has an appealing modern look. If you feel a connection to animals or feel that a certain animal might accurately represent your brand values, use these examples for inspiration.

Flat design monograms

Monograms are an abbreviation of a name, and are therefore minimal by nature. Their inherent simplicity makes them a perfect vehicle for flat design (which historically stems from minimalism). One excellent example of a flat monogram is the design for Kik Underground by 99designer ludibes, who managed to implement simple geometry and symmetry to create a flat monogram which is strong, recognizable and easily applied to many different brand assets. If you are looking for a concise and minimal monogram, use these examples as a starting point.

Fun and colorful flat logos

Lawyers Instant logo
by VectoruX

One of the exciting features of flat design is large color fills. Designers often take this opportunity to showcase bright and fun expanses of single colors. This approach to color also gives designs a sense of positivity and makes them warm and approachable. Take for example the design for Lawyers Instant by 99designer VectoruX, which features a flat design of a judge’s gavel with a lightning bolt for a handle. The design is filled entirely with a striking yellow which brings excitement and friendliness to the field of law—something that often feels intimidating. If your brand values are fun, exciting and colorful or if you want to portray accessibility and ease, use the flat design examples above for inspiration.

Hip and modern flat design

Suscia logo
by anton-p

Flat design is also a perfect choice for businesses that want to look new and exciting. In fact, flat design could be named the one style of design that paved the way for what we now consider modern. Flat designs that are hip and modern often contain simple flat illustrations and visual concepts with pops of color and fun patterns. We especially love the logo design for Suscia by 99designer anton-p, which uses flat design to create a literal and figurative doorway into cultural fusion cuisine. If you want your logo to tell customers that you are bold, dynamic and on the cutting edge, look here for inspiration.

Flat logos with clever typography

eSign logo
by Arthean

Flat design is a format that “limits the palette” and creates a stage for a creative exploration of typographic shapes and concepts. What many typographers are finding through flat design is that you can showcase simple and clever typeforms to portray a clear brand identity. Some great examples are perpendicular arrows coming off of typographic forms for a company called Upright or a factory in the shape of an “F” for a company called Foundry. If you are looking for a simple and memorable typographic logo, perhaps these examples will inspire your next design.

Technology flat design logos

Arbiom logo
by anton-p

Due to the rapid evolution of technology, it’s important for tech companies to feel current and up-to-date. Given that flat design is the standard of modern design, it’s a good place to start for tech company branding. Flat design relates to the “flatness” of the digital word, computer screens, circuit boards and other forms of technology. One great example of flat tech design is the logo for bio-refinery technology company Arbiom by 99designer anton-p, which features a sharp and geometric flat leaf with the letter “A” inside. This design uses flat design to bring a sense of control and science to the leaf shape, which also represents Arbiom’s application of technology to biology. If you are looking for a clean and current tech logo, look no further for inspiration!

Professional and organized flat logos

Flat design doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy and exciting. In fact, it can simply be utilized to communicate clear messages while exuding a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. Take for example the flat design for Foot & Ankle Limb Reconstruction by 99designer ludibes which features a muted blue color palette and clear illustration of two feet. This design is simple in a way that lets people know exactly what the business is about, which is especially important for health service companies. If you are seeking a clear and concise logo for a professional business, think about how the examples above can inform your next design.

Conclusion: Go flat!

Even though there are many ways to utilize flat design, all of the approaches showcased above are simple, clear and modern. Sound like your business? Keep these examples in mind for your next design. And even if flat design isn’t your thing, the method has become standard in design, so everyone can benefit from understanding how it works.

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