Even for a skincare icon like NIVEA a special occasion calls for a special look. That’s why NIVEA Switzerland chose to celebrate their spectacular 110th anniversary with the release of a special edition Classic Creme.

Our 99d Studio team was thrilled to work with them to bring their age-defying anniversary campaign to life. So we asked our global designer community to give NIVEA’s iconic tin design a makeover.

nivea product photography
The original Nivea Creme. Photography by Wei Hao Chang.

And what better way to think about your product in a new way than brainstorming with the world? In collaborating with 99d Studio, the NIVEA team had access to the invigorating talent of designers from across the globe.

The following 12 finalists succeeded in communicating the “Swiss” heritage using a contemporary, blemish-free lens, as per the creative brief. Read on to discover the stories behind each product packaging design and what enabled the four winners to steal the hearts of the public in NIVEA’s open vote.

The winning designs

“Paradise in white” by waterseven

nivea design of winter scene and mountain
By waterseven

What designer waterseven says about the design:

“Switzerland has always been my dream destination, so when I decided to enter the contest I included all my favourite places I wish to visit!”

“Camping in the mountains” by CHKY

nivea logo design of camping with gradient effect

What designer CHKY says about the design:

“Once you leave the beaten paths of tourists, you experience Switzerland’s true wilderness: my design aims to reflect that. The angles of the mountainsides take cues from the logo letterforms while the tent is actually the ‘V’ mirrored of ‘NIVEA’, giving a neat little shelter to the mountaineer at the campfire.”

“A country packed with culture” by artdesigns-by-delia

nivea logo design of camping framed with illustrations
By artdesigns-by-delia

What designer artdesigns-by-delia says about the design:

“The illustration is divided into the four seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. It contains classic—but not clichéd—features of Swiss culture that locals will immediately recognize. The hands embody our hard working culture, the different skin tones show our origin. Above all our own productions, such as fruits which we also pick ourselves in spring, mushrooms in autumn, ski and fondue in winter and hiking in summer. We master everything with our well-known perfection.”

“Tour de Suisse” by WiNK.ch

nivea logo design framed with illustrations
By WiNK.ch

What designer WiNK.ch says about the design:

“The idea behind our design is to remind people what this beautiful country has to offer. It reflects the most beloved activities, places and things of every Swiss citizen.”

The runners up

“Midnight Garden” by Fe Melo

nivea logo design of camping framed with flowers
Logo design by Fe Melo

What designer Fe Melo says about the design:

“I really love florals, I think they’re popular with a very large audience so for this floral I used flowers only seen on the Swiss landscape.”

“Fun on the slopes” by CΛKE

nivea logo design of a family skiing
Logo design by CΛKE

What designer CΛKE says about the design:

“I wanted to communicate the idyllic values of family, being active in nature, having fun with the ones you love, the beauty of Switzerland and the beauty of being healthy. Nivea promotes this ideology by taking care of your skin so you can enjoy living a full, healthy life.”

“Smooth as snow” by Pj-2

nivea logo design with someone skiing
Logo design by Pj-2

What designer Pj-2 says about the design:

“My main goal in answering this brief was to combine the concepts of ‘creme’ and ‘Switzerland’, the latter of which I chose to symbolize with a skiing scene. I finally achieved this by emphasizing a visual ambiguity between cream and snow”.

“Chalet Heaven” by Fe Melo

nivea logo design of Swiss countryside
Logo design by Fe Melo

What designer Fe Melo says about the design:

“The idea behind this design was to show the Swiss landscape and a pastoral way of life. The cows provided the Swiss cheese and chocolate we love worldwide; the chalets are synonymous with the Alps. The cable cars evoke fun memories at ski resorts while the red sky nods to Switzerland’s national anthem.”

“Nives dilectio” by Mohak Ahuja

nivea logo design of skiing scene
Logo design by Mohak Ahuja

What designer Mohak Ahuja says about the design:

“Switzerland is pretty much synonymous with snow and since this snow-white color of its cream gave NIVEA its name, I wanted the design to contain mostly white. When we talk about the elements, skiing and aerial trams are two of the most strikingly Swiss things that I’d personally like to enjoy when I visit. The snow shower you see is to add a glittery sense of attraction to the design. Minimalism is my style and this extra-special, anniversary edition blends all these elements into one master piece.”

“Swiss girl” by Alena Morgunova

nivea logo design of flowers and a woman
Logo design by Alena Morgunova

What designer Alena Morgunova says about the design:

“I created this design for anyone who loves NIVEA products. Inspired by the beautiful nature of Switzerland, my protagonist is a woman surrounded by flowers, staring in awe at the mountains (take a look at her glasses).”

“Dream Slope” by Fe Melo

nivea logo design of ski lift illustration
Logo design by Fe Melo

What designer Fe Melo says about the design:

“Every time I’ve been to Switzerland, I’ve gone skiing. The scenery is all so breathtaking and fun, combine that with the vintage ski posters I found during my research and you have my design.”

“Swiss woman” by Marziyeh

Nivea logo with a woman applying creme
Logo design by Marziyeh

What designer Marziyeh says about the design:

“This design depicts an image of a woman in a Swiss flag-inspired sweater applying Nivea creme to visually represent the connection between Switzerland and the Nivea brand. Creating a circular image to frame the Nivea logo was a direct inspiration of the emphasis on text and the use of geometric shapes in Swiss design.”


It was an absolute pleasure to work with NIVEA Switzerland on such a momentous occasion as their 110th anniversary. The incredibly esteemed skincare brand set out to celebrate their heritage with a contemporary twist and with the help of our incredibly talented community of designers they’ve successfully revitalised and reimagined the packaging of their most iconic product.

The four winning NIVEA Creme limited edition tin designs will be hitting the stores across Switzerland in early 2021. We can’t wait to get our hands on them!

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