This month our packaging pros delivered big time. From one-of-a-kind brews and blazing hot sauce to kinesiology tape and even a pilates ring, our design community created stand-out packaging and label designs for some seriously awesome products.

You’ve cast your vote and we can see why it’s not such a strange choice (every pun intended). Your April Top 9 at 99 winner is Demonic™’s label design for Barrel Aged “Self Deprecation” Strange Ale! Check out the cool monochromatic illustration on this top-notch beer label:

april top 9 at 99 2017
by Demonic™


Congratulations to April’s Top 9 at 99 winner!

April Top 9 at 99 nominees


Even though they’re a little short on the votes, it doesn’t mean these other packaging designs don’t have what it takes. These are the best packaging designs for April’s Top 9 at 99.

All nominees will receive a 99designs T-shirt and design book.

Premium Kinesiology Tape for Sports

April's top 9 at 99 2-17
by YANIX Designs studio

CrossFit Freaks rejoice! Zen Performance has designed a kinesiology tape that pumps it as hard as you do.


april's top 9 at 99 2017
by katerina k.

Hey Pilates People! BitterFit puts a ring on it with their revolutionary pilates ring.

Bad Ass MotherF!#%&! Sauce

april's top 9 at 99 2017
by no noise

My hot sauce is hotter than yours! BadAss MotherF!#%&! brings the heat with its new line of spicy sauces.

Fun Disco Biscuits

april's top 9 at 99 2017
by Holiday26

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Oki-doki. That’s who.

Das Craft Paket

april's top 9 at 99 2017
by Bracalone

Why sip one when you can drink four? Each beer in Das Craft Paket by BONEVA Crafinnovation is held snugly in its innovative carrier.

Zenji Matcha

april's top 9 at 99 2017
by O I O O I I O I

How matcha do you love green tea? Zenji Matcha delivers the goods in a bold black packet and minimal-to-the-max label.

Berber Kitchen

April Top 9 at 99 2017
by K .art

Spice up your stir fry with harissa-at-the-ready. Berber Kitchen brings the flavor.

Pearson Ranch jerky

April Top 9 at 99 2017
by DmitryM

Pearson Ranch ensures that your jerky is always a boar (or elk or bison).

Congratulations to April’s Top 9 at 99 nominees!