It’s here again… this month’s Creative Challengers!

While contests can only have one winner, these designers show that behind every winner, there are other amazing choices hiding behind the scenes – and they deserve their moments in the sun as well. So cheers to you, designers of whiskey labels, doughnut DIY kits, Secret Sandwich Societies (how do we join?!) and so much more.

Vote for your favorite design in the comments section of this post. We’ll tally up the votes and send a T-shirt to the top challenging designer from this month!

Last month’s winner was bo_rad for his logo design for Nectar Garden. Congratulations bo_rad!

And without further ado, this month’s Creative Challengers:

Clump: An American Splatire

Contest: It’s Alive! Create a shocking, funny cover for book about headless man!

Joe Bourbon Whiskey

Bence Balaton

Designer: Bence Balaton
Contest: Create a cool label design for a new product concept

Bhagwan Distillates


Designer: risevision
Contest: Create an eye-popping logo for budding distillery in the heart of NY wine country

The Camel Express


Designer: GOenogo
Contest: Camel is the name. Design is the game.

The Hearsay Podcast


Designer: jestyr37
Contest: 1950s film noir comic-themed cover art for a launching podcast

Secret Sandwich Society


Contest: Help our restaurant rebrand our logo for its second location

Droply App


Designer: saintdmz®
Contest: Photo sharing tagging app

DIY Mini Doughnut Kit


Designer: VEBO
Contest: Get nutty with DIY doughnut kit

Seawisp Hunter


Designer: Khatanbaatar
Contest: These dang robots aren’t gonna draw themselves! Yet.

Sail boat illustration


Designer: Kalim
Contest: Sail art for The Leeward Tack

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the Comments section below. Can’t wait to see which of these designs you’ll choose.