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Design a logo and help save women and children from slavery

Leah Cypert necessitava di un nuovo design di logo e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 72 design presentati da 19 designer.


Come Leah Cypert ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di logo


*We are a non-profit fair trade organization seeking to help victims and those at risk of trafficking all over the world (right now in Thailand, Cambodia, Ghana and Nigeria) by selling their fair trade jewelry in the states.
*We are about eradicating modern day slavery through economic development of these vulnerable communities.
*We need a great logo that communicates our mission but also one that appeals to our target market of middle to upper class women who are socially concerned consumers.
*It needs to essentially be a logo that communicates the high end jewelry we are making (made of real silver, stone beads, recycled glass beads, etc) plus the cause behind the jewelry.

Nome del brand

Freedom Stones

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

*This is a contest for a logo design that will be used on the website, on business cards, letterhead as well as hang tags for the products.

I have worked in SE Asia for the last 3 years helping women leave prostitution which quickly moved to prevention of trafficking. The root causes of human trafficking in the developing world revolve around a lack of basic economic opportunities for women to make a living, thus they resort to selling their children or their own bodies. I have just begun a business called Freedom Stones and have moved back to the states after setting up multiple jewelry making projects in the 3rd world.
*Freedom Stones seeks to put an end to this cycle of poverty by offering the opportunity for women to create jewelry from local or recycled raw materials in their own communities. As they can earn a living from the safety of their villages they are less likely to become desperate enough to sell off some of their children for food, or migrate to the cities to find work and ultimately end up in brothels because of their lack of education.
*Currently we are working with projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Ghana and Nigeria to stop both labor and sex trafficking through economic development.

*Our jewelry sells retail between $40-$200 to give you an idea of the quality of the pieces. Some of them are more casual, some are more formal, but all use high quality beads, pearls, real silver, brass, or beautiful recycled glass beads. I will post some pics of our jewelry on my blog so that you can get an idea of the kinds of jewelry we are selling.

Mi piace

- Item 1...*Design in vector format please (adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator would be great) (but I might also ask for the winner to send me a jpeg too just for fun)*I had a friend design a logo, that I wasn't that thrilled with, but please take a look at it on my blog*I really like the FS font in the middle of the stone, but not sure this is the direction we should take it. I like the FS font because it is kind of swirly and reminiscent of our branded clasp (seen on my blog). Perhaps some of you could rework this concept and make it better or come up with something completely different. *What I want communicated is a sense of creativity and beauty juxtaposed with the idea of freedom from slavery (somehow getting the idea of a stone in there breaking chains, perhaps)*It would be nice to somehow incorporate our branded clasp into the design of the logo. Again, it is pictured on my blog. It is the clasp used in every piece of jewelry we sell and is supposed to be an easily recognizable symbol that can get women talking and sharing about this issue. When women wear it they can own the fact that through their socially responsible consumerism they have been part of breaking the chains of human slavery. It is supposed to suggest a link from a chain that has been broken and our tag line is "Freedom Stones, breaking the chains of poverty and injustice" It might be good to see your logo designs both with this tagline and without it. I am not sure yet if I want it with the logo or not.*I am not sure yet about a color scheme but something really hip, or conversely really simple might be good.*Looking for something sophisticated or artistic, something beautiful in concept, heart, and design; something a little cutting edge that communicates the rawness of this human tragedy and yet light enough to suggest the beauty of the solution, the creativity of women all over the world, the solidarity of women helping women. *Something with a hippy flavor might be nice, or something more high fashion. I just want to see you go crazy with your creativity and will provide feedback as we get going.

Non voglio

- Item 1...I dont want anything too cutesy or overly sentimental

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