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New logo for a local Trout Unlimited chapter

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Our chapter covers the Big Blackfoot River valley in western Montana, the river made famous in "A River Runs Through It". We are nationally recognized for the quality and quantity of our restoration and conservation work over the past 20 years. One of the smallest TU chapters in the country, we are often referred to as "legendary" for our results in restoring the Big Blackfoot to its original pristine conditions.

We are finally getting around to creating a website and doing some branding of the chapter. A key part of that is a logo, which we don't have at this point. We want you to create one for us. As a non-profit organization, we don't have loads of money, so one of our members has volunteered to fund this effort.

While the money isn't big, hopefully you can point with pride at your logo on the website of the legendary BBCTU. Also, if you ever get out this way (about 40 miles east of Missoula), the chapter has pledged to give you and a guest a day's float trip on the Big Blackfoot River. Bring a fly rod or just sit back and soak up the incredible scenery, gin-clear waters, and abundant wildlife. This is nature at its finest, with fewer than a dozen homes visbile along nearly 70 miles of river as it flows through canyons, meadows, cliffs, and white water.

Once awarded, the winner will be given the contact information to arrange for their float.

Nome azienda

Big Blackfoot Chapter -- Trout Unlimited

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

We want the logo to incorporate as many of the key elements of our mission as possible without getting too "busy".   Those elements include the river, its tributaries, mountains, forest, agriculture, wildlife, and of course trout. 

While you may think of this as being portrayed using a scene with these many elements somehow represented in it, it need not be that.  Feel free to offer alternative approaches that deliver our message.

Here are examples (but not requirements) of what might be good representations of those elements:
- River -- a river flowing through the scene
- Tributaries -- a small creek flowing into the river
- Mountains -- one or more snowcapped peaks in the background
- Forest -- dark green slopes on the mountains with maybe an evergreen tree or two in the foreground.
- Agriculture -- a cow (not near the water), a field of hay, or a tractor in the field.
- Wildlife -- an elk, a deer, a grizzly bear, or an eagle in flight.
- Trout -- a trout jumping, or a fly fisherman fishing while standing in the river.Please keep up with my comments as the contest proceeds, because I have most likely forgotten something important but may think of it later.  If I do, it'll be in the Comments.

Mi piace

- A multi-color (no more than 4) image that can also look good in monochrome.  We will want a black-and-white version as well as the colored logo.
- A vector image (.ai) or equivalent should be the final deliverable.
- It should be large enough to show the detail easily, but should be able to fit on a the front of a hat or embroidered on a shirt, which would be approximately 3" x 2" (or optionally 2" x 3").  Of course, we could scale it with software to other sizes, but plan on the detail being clearly visible when it sized as described above.
- The name "Big Blackfoot Chapter" and "Trout Unlimited" must be on it.  The first could be on top of the image and the second on the bottom of the image, or both could be together, but they should be arranged so the chapter name comes before the "Trout Unlimited" words.
- A short version of our mission statement should be somewhere on the logo.  We have a few variations of this -- feel free to use whichever you prefer, although we may ask you at the end to switch to the other words.  The options are:  "Conserve.. Protect,, Restore";  "Restoration Through Partnerships"; "Conservation.. Restoration.. Cooperation".
- The shape is an important design element, but we're open to your creative ideas.  Oval horizontal, oval vertical, square, round, or even teardrop-shaped (which implies water, which implies our mission.. see how easy this is?) would be considered if it fits into a cohesive whole.

Non voglio

- We do NOT want this to have similarities to the logo of the national Trout Unlimited organization .  We want it to look unique.
- If your design includes the profile of a fish jumping, it had better look like a trout, not a bass or carp or anything other species.  When it comes to fish, we're fussy.

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