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Poster and Brochure needed for non-profit Restorative Justice Programme

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È stato scelto un vincitore tra 40 design presentati da 6 designer.


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We are looking to design an 11 x 17 poster advertisement and corresponding brochure for a non-profit program. The poster and brochure are to advertise a restorative justice program at a community-based conflict resolution centre.

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

Desired Color Scheme:
Anything colourful and eye-catching; see brief for logo colours

Desired Style:
Appeal to youth of many different backgrounds; Be eye-catching (possibly with bright faces and bright colours); Simple enough to be read and be understood in a quick timeframe; Convey information to youth about a serious topic in a calming manner; Be very

Accepted File Formats:
EPS format or high resolution layered PSD


We are looking to design an 11 x 17 poster advertisement and corresponding brochure for a non-profit program. The poster and brochure are to advertise a restorative justice program at a community-based conflict resolution centre.

In helping you come up with ideas and concepts, here is some background on what this program does:


Often, people who have been affected by crime, have needs that cannot be met by the Criminal Justice System. As a result, communities are looking for different ways of responding to crime and the harm that results because of it. Many are turning to restorative justice.

In its broadest meaning, restorative justice is about addressing wrongs. Although it can refer to a variety of contexts, to date its application has been predominantly focused on harms that are defined as violations of criminal laws. Within the context of the criminal justice field, restorative justice views conflict and crime as harm done by one person to another. The consequences of such an action should be "making things right" (as much as possible) between these individuals. Restorative justice involves the victim, the offender and the community in search for solutions, which promote repair and possibly reconciliation.

Common needs expressed by victims that motivate them to participate in a restorative justice process are:

the opportunity to tell their story of how they have been impacted
the opportunity to ask questions (why me?, will it happen again?)
the opportunity to participate in the resolution of their matter
the opportunity to prevent it from happening again

Restorative justice processes offer young people the opportunity to accept responsibility for their actions, and make amends to the victim. It offers them the chance to tell their story so that they may be seen as a whole person instead of being defined by one action. It allows them to deal with the situation and close this chapter in their life.

This program serves young people (aged 12-17) who have been sentenced to a period of probation and their victims. It provides them with the opportunity to meet in a safe setting, with the assistance of trained volunteers to:

discuss the incident of crime,
how they have been impacted, and
what needs to happen to address the harm caused.

Charges which are commonly referred to this program include: assault, mischief, theft, break and enter, fraud, and threatening.

What we are looking for:

We need a poster and corresponding brochure (8 ½ x 11) that will convey the ideas of RJ to youth and other individuals that may benefit from such a programme. The primary target market is todays youth in conflict with the law. This poster will be displayed in offices serving these youth and will provide contact information for the program. It is of prime importance that the poster/brochure appeal to youth of many different multicultural and socio-economic backgrounds.


The poster/brochure should:

Appeal to youth of many different backgrounds
Be eye-catching (possibly with bright faces and bright colours)
Simple enough to be read and be understood in a quick timeframe
Convey information to youth about a serious topic in a calming manner
Be very professional looking

We are trying to convey the following imagery on the poster:

Inclusiveness and interconnectedness
Fairness, respect and dignity
Empowerment and community involvement
Personal and mutual responsibility
Making amends/making things right
Repairing relationships
Cultural sensitivity
Victim/offender dialogue
Encouraging taking responsibility for ones actions
Other keywords: inclusiveness, dialogue, understanding, accountability, impact, harm, responsibility

Poster Content:

conflict resolution centres logo (to be supplied to the winner)
For more information please call 123-123-1234 ex. 66
any words, catch-phrases, or paragraphs that help convey the message above.

Brochure Content:

Program Name (Title)
Agency contact information
conflict resolution centres logo (to be supplied to the winner)

Technical (Poster):

Be 11 x 17 with NO BLEED
All designs must be vertical orientation

Technical (Brochure):

Be 8 ½ x 11
Will be tri-fold

Technical (Poster and Brochure):

Winning entrants will need to provide files at 300dpi upon prize award
In full colour (CMYK)
Supplied in EPS format or high resolution PSD (layered)

What we have:

Feel free to use any images you have of people, objects etc. But please indicate any costs associated with using/purchasing these image rights. You are free to use any eye-catching colour scheme you wish, however it would be nice if the organization logo looks pretty with it :) Also, please notify us of any separate costs associated with fonts.

Due to regulations set out by the funder of this contest, we are not allowed to identify the organization or supply the logo to anyone but the final winner. However, the logo for the organization is very simple with the wording above a small one-colour graphic. The only colour in the logo is close to: CMYK: 80% - 79% - 0% - 0% (RGB: 81-79-164 or HEX: 514fa4).

How we judge:

This is an 11 day contest. We will try our hardest to provide comments everyday, however we are very busy at the Centre. We may not be able to supply comments on the weekends, but will try our best. Upon closing of the contest we will choose the top 4 designs to show to the client during the week of March 26th. We will declare a winner by March 30th.

I hope this turns out to be a great contest for everyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post a comment or email

Good luck to everyone!!

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