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Get promoted for free!! One screen design for a mobile game

bengrine necessitava di un nuovo design di design per stampa o packaging e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 27 design presentati da 9 designer.


Come bengrine ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di design di stampa o packaging

Nome del brand

East Bay Studios


We are working on a mobile phone game similar to Bookworm, Wordsworth, Scrabble, Words with Friends,…
It will run on Windows Phone 7 XNA - since it's not Silverlight with the Metro UI (strict guidelines), you're pretty much free to express your creativity based on our requirements.

>>>> We need a talented designer for the game based on the screen with the main gameplay (our reference screen) <<<<

When the game is on the marketplace, it can be downloaded by **millions** of mobile phone users.
We can add **your** reference to the games credits and you could get an incredible amount of free promotion for your talent!

Even better, there's more to come based on this design:this is just one screen out of several we're going to put together. If we like that one, you are in a sweet spot for the rest of the competition.

Good luck and may the best designer win!

Dicci qualcosa su di te e sulle persone che vuoi raggiungere

Casual players from 7 to 77 years old. This is the same audience as the iPhone word game players. The game will be fun!


We are looking for one design of the main screen of the game:
- A mascot – it can be anything as long as it is engaging and has character. Think of Einstein cartoon, Professor Layton, …
- A board with hexagonal tiles (7 columns, 6 rows on left/right eg. 11 rows interleaved) - tiles flat side are on the top and bottom (horizontal layout).
- Each tile has values such as on the scrabble tiles (value can be indicated with a number or symbol). There can be 3D effects for the tiles (border or letter embossed in circle)
- Some tiles have bonus values and are highlighted (x2 letter, x3 letter, x2 word, x3 word, special bonus) – some are “active” tiles and need to be used in a limited time.
- Selected tiles for the current word are highlighted and connected with a (semi continuous) path
- Current username, word, score and level appear on the screen
- A BACK button is available.
The reference resolution is 480 (horizontal) x 800 (vertical) pixels. The output has to be aligned on pixels.
The design should be clean (like Scrabble, Words with Friends, FieldRunner) and fun altogether (bright and colorful such as Bejeweled or Plants vs Zombies). It should include the elements mentioned above.

This will be used as a reference design for several other screens (separate submission and not part of this contest): Loading, Main menu (with background animation), Help (7), Options (2), Leaderboard(3) and Achievements (2).

Just let us know if you would like to have your information added to our credits screen and we will proceed!

Added 1/5/2011-

Let me give some important clarifications:
- the screen has to be the main game screen - not a loading screen
- the design elements cannot overlap - otherwise the game cannot be played
- the brand name is not part of the requirements
- all the hex tiles are identical in size
- the board with the hex tiles should occupy the total width (not height) of the screen. The reason is that otherwise, those tiles are too small to play
- all elements need to be present on the screen: mascot, board with 7 x 10 interleaved hexes (including some bonuses). username, word, score, level, back button

Also, I will not select a design that is a copycat of bookworm - they use a worm, so please avoid this. Same thing for the colors. I am more interested in something with a cleaner style e.g. closer to scrabble for instance.

Added 1/6/2011-

I realize the grid size is an issue to understand. By interleaved, I mean that all rows count, including when they're half way.
The designs that have been submitted so far have too many rows.
Also, none of the designs occupies enough of the width of the display - the hexes are too small to be able to play.

I am attaching an example that I made so that you get a better sense of what I have in mind.

Examples of designs

Added 1/6/2011-

I am attaching a checklist (see WordsMaster_checklist_v1.pdf at the end of the brief) so that you can review your design before submission

Added 1/7/2011-

- added a precision regarding the comma separators for the score in the checklist (new v1.1)

- posting this link because I really like the design - you can click on the pictures and see them in high resolution…-for-ipad/

-Here are a few more examples of bright designs that I like…60x845.jpg…vector.jpg

- Another clarification: the mascot / avatar doesn't have to be an old white male - those would be perfectly fine too
- http://hagenillustration.carbonmade…/2065192#9

-More inpiration from the Quarrel game:

And still bright colors

Added 1/8/2011-

The main things I am currently looking at when sending some feedback are:
1. Verification against the checklist. The most common exception has to do with the size of the board. As you can see on the sample in the brief, it needs to be 6 hexagons on the side (11 interleaved)
2. The key thing for a good design is to find an inspiring theme and stick to it. It needs to be consistent throughout the design. Think about the main concepts in the game: the player is in some kind of quest. The mascot is here to inspire trust - (s)he serves as a reference because (s)he is experienced and has the knowledge.
3. Colors - I am really looking for some happy and fun colors - here is another example…ts/2645585 (second page)

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