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4 Page A5 Brochure

bookp necessitava di un nuovo design di design per stampa o packaging e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 9 design presentati da 3 designer.


Come bookp ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di design di stampa o packaging


Its a simple 4 page brochure. The content is supplied. We just need it laid up in a professional and neat way.

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

Our Company

We help authors publish their books.  We do cover design, proofreading, printing, distribution and marketing of the author's book(s).  We get their books into 25,000+ bookstores across the world including

The Brochure 4 Pages A5 size (210mm x 148.5mm).

Page 1

Finally, You Can Now Become anInternationally Published Author and Have Your Books Available in over 25,000Bookstores Globally… all for less than $1,000

Image / picture / good graphic

 With BookPal’s Global Book InterlinkSystem (GBIS), you can now,
1.     Become an Internationally PublishedAuthor
2.     Have your book on 25,000 bookstoresincluding,, and many many more.
3.     Print your books 1 at a time, as andwhen you need them with our Print On Demand System

Page 2

If you are reading this brochure,chances are you are one of the few outstanding people who have either completeda book manuscript, or you are in the process of completing your bookmanuscript, and are looking to get self published.
The problem is until one in Australia could give self publishers afair go. The chance of the self published author to succeed was extremely lowgiven the fact that self publishers did NOT have affordable tools and avenuesto reach bookstores or their target audience....until now.
With BookPal's GBIS system we can now provide you with unprecedented potentialfor your books to be available to 25,000 bookstores in the US and UK (and soonAustralia and NZ). 

Further, your books will beavailable through our Print on Demand system.  This means you can print aslittle as a single book or as many as a thousand books, so you pay for printingonly when you need it or when any of the bookstores order it.

While the word ‘revolution’ may bethe most overused word, I’m sure you would agree this is truly nothing short ofrevolutionary for the Australian Self Publishing Industry.  

If you’re ready to take the nextstep, please get intouch with us on

1300 769 998 or visit us at ourwebsite

you have worked hard on finishingyour book, so you now deserve to become an Internationally Published Author.

Call now:1300 769 998


Page 3

Your NextStep   Step 1 – become a POD member

Print On Demand Pack (POD)

- Custom Cover Design
- Page Layout & Type Setting
- Author Online Ordering Setup
- BookPal ISBN & Barcode (optional)
- CiP number
- 2 Books to be lodged to the State & National Library of Australia as per the Copyright Act 1968. $595(inclds GST)

Once you purchase this pack, all youwill need to do is supply your proofread manuscript in Microsoft Word (MS Word–any version) and we will do the rest.


Step2 – Get your books into bookstores

US-UKDistribution Pack

1.      Yourbook available for *order from 25,000+ Retail Outlets
2.      Your book for sale on Internet Outletsincluding
3.      Google Book Search will have your book listed
4.      Yourbook will be included in Amazon’s Search Inside™ Program

$449(inclds GST)

If youpurchase the POD and the US-UK distribution at the same time, you will receivea $49 saving

$1044 $995 (save$49)

* Your book(s) is available for purchase from theseretail outlets. Customers can order your book from the counter.  Ithowever does not mean that your book will be displayed on the shelf. This is tothe discretion of the bookstore. As such, we strongly recommend purchasing oneof the BookPal Publicity Packs to raise awareness about your book.

Page 4

Why Publishwith BookPal

You enjoy the following benefits byPublishing with BookPal:
- Your book will be available on Web sites such as, and thousands of other online bookstores.
- It will cost you less than $1000 to be an Internationally Published Author
- We will help you professionally design each book cover and typeset each book as part of the set up cost.
- We give you, absolutely free of cost, one copy of your finished manuscript.
- Two of your books will be printed and submitted to the National Library of Australia and the State Library and archived for generations to come.
- A unique ISBN and barcode will be issued for your book so that it can be sold globally.
- Get publicity for your book in newspapers and magazines by sending media releases to tens of thousands of media contacts throughout the English speaking world by purchasing one of our Publicity Packs.
- Have your book listed on Google's Book Search Program
- And many many more servicesIf you are just after printing of books, we also provide this service.  Please contact the office for a quote

[end of brochure]


On each page at the bottom of the brochure please add our contact details.

call us on: 1300 769 998

visit our website:

Please place the testimonials where ever you (the designer) thinks there is space for them.


“… workingwith bookpal is great because you have a real voice to talk to and they arealways accessible..”

B Broughton, South Australia

“I wouldlike to thank my friends at BookPal for guiding me through the process ofpublishing from beginning to end. Thanks for giving me a book to be proud of!Thank you guys, especially Devi…” 

J Wilson, Queensland

“For a self-publishing new author the information and newslettersyou have provided have been not only uplifting but of substantial practical importance…  I will not hesitate to recommend BookPal toany other Self Publishing Author...” 

LDavis, New South Wales

Mi piace

- page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4 as per the details above
- the final design must be a PDF and InDesign files
- there must be a bleed around the artwork (3-5mm)
- please grab the logos from our website

Non voglio

- something messy
- many colours

Pacchetto personalizzato

150 US$

Funzioni gratuite

  • Contest aperto
  • Contest veloce (fast track)



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