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African Drumming Community offers an interesting opportunity

JamesF necessitava di un nuovo design di t-shirt e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 84 design presentati da 8 designer.


Come JamesF ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di t-shirt

Nome del brand


We are an online African drumming community. We are passionate about traditional West African culture, in particular djembe drumming and dancing.

Our website consists of a forum, regular articles, a monthly newsletter, online learning videos, mp3 downloads etc.

Our website is first and foremost about bringing people together to share and learn about their passion. We connect people across the world with a common interest in African drum, dance, culture and music.

Where as the djembe has gotten a reputation of being for hippys and one love types, we are interested in the tradition from which it all comes. We are interested in establishing facts, correcting mistakes and respecting the tradition.

Dicci qualcosa su di te e sulle persone che vuoi raggiungere

This is T-Shirt is aimed at existing djembe enthusiasts who will buy it because they think the t-shirt is really cool. I hope that this T-Shirt would be the first of at least 3 and that it would be highly sought after by people who love djembe drumming, dance or West African culture.

The kind of people who would buy this T-Shirt, tend not to follow mainstream media and life style. They are free thinkers with a strong respect for culture, tradition, history and music. They also definitely have a sense of humour.

The majority of the people buying this T-Shirt will not be professional musicians. They will probably have at least a rudimentary understanding of the underlying history and culture of the music.

The Music comes from the region of current day Mali and Guinea, and it extrememely important to the people who's culture it comes from.

Djembe drumming is always accompanied with dancing. Djembe drumming is not traditionally a spectator sport. Everyone participates, by clapping, singing and taking their turn to dance.

Each part of life from a birth to a funeral, to a wedding has a particular rhythm and corresponding dance that goes with it. Our community studies these traditional rhythms, and dances and knows the details of each ones origins.

Many people annually travel to West Africa to immerse themselves in the culture and study directly from masters there.


The aim is the spread the word about our website (, however the priority is for a great T-Shirt rather than a wearable business card.

I have some ideas for themes, but am completely open to suggestions and new ideas.

Possible Idea 1:
There is a legend of master djembe players shooting fire and sparks out of their djembes -…t2090.html

Possible Idea 2:
Also the skin of the djembe is usually made from goat skin, which is pulled very tightly over the drum. There a famous djembe video and at the end a master drummer jokes about the goats running away and hiding because of the great drumming they have heard (perhaps a skin might break and need to be replaced).

We have an existing logo, but it's not very good so feel free to use any fonts you like etc. Hope to have a small version of the logo either at the bottom / incorporated into the design, or discreetly on the back of the shirt.

No hippy stuff please :)

Some photos -

A wedding -

Bogalon mud cloth is from Mali and might contribute a design in some way.

The attached dne.gif shows a typical djembe player with the traditional hat, and the 3 metal things are the sign of a djembe master

More Photos:…onakry.php

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