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Sweet Life Hooded Sweatshirt Design

Bobby M necessitava di un nuovo design di t-shirt e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

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Come Bobby M ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di t-shirt

Nome azienda

Gabby's Sweet Life


Designs needed for front, back, sleeve and inside of full zippered hooded sweatshirt. Orignal design is being used as a gift to young teenage girls and boys (design must be unisex) at a fully themed 13 birthday event for a special young lady named Gabby. The theme of the party is Sweet Life, based on 1950's diners and candy, and how sweet life really is. We want the design to be edgy (not offensive or dark side in any way) so that we will be able to sell the item publically and help donate a portion of the proceeds to fight women's breast cancer. The design should be more commercially appealing than just a birthday party give away.

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Young teenage girls and boys age range 13-17
Using single design so it must be unisex
Garment is Dark Charcoal Gray Pigment Washed


Item: Screen Printed Full Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt, Pigment Dye Dark Charcoal
Print Location(s): Back, Front, 1 or 2 Arms – Multi Color
Inside Print Message – 1 Color (Will say something like thanks for sharing my special day)
Audience: Unisex: 13+ Year Old Girls & Boys in 8th Grade & up
Design Elements: Edgy design creating demand for wearing
Build in Gabby’s name or initials GM subtly into design or on garment
Build in the date subtly into design or garment as: Ten.23.Ten
Possibly use distressed look
Possibly incorporate Whirly Pop Lollipop picture into design
Possibly incorporate Ed Hardy type design look
Check out the website and look at Women’s hoodies, keep in mind this design is to be unisex – possibly substitute Ed Hardy for Sweet Life. Check out the following website references:
Website references:

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