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Info2037 necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

2 vincitori sono stati selezionati tra 67 design presentati da 14 designer.


Come Info2037 ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet

Nome del brand


It's Corporate MEETS fun!, MEETS, and

We operate (Use as a WIREFRAME and starting point for your design.) We need to use the Photo/Ad sizes from this page for sure.

Now, a sister site "" is being readied by our team. We love food, wine and entertainment. We envision this new site as a custom niche' website that can show off event venues, caterers, restaurants and many types of entertainment in a new light. The planning of the company "celebration."

Dicci qualcosa su di te e sulle persone che vuoi raggiungere

Young and Old (but not too old! 21-50 set - Females - 65%-35% female VS male viewership. Corporate managers, professional party planners.

From our perspective (Owners):
We'd like to attract the 1-15 person company and the 100-100+ employee company to advertise with us. We want entertainers, caterers, and other vendors and services that could gain from being advertised here to join us.

For the reader/viewer:
This site is for people in the United States who are planning a Company Party, escape to a resort, or even a simple dinner at a private banquet room at a restaurant. The Company Party can be about style, creativity, as the planner decides how to entertain it's management, their spouses and all the co-workers. It's just as easily about a simple, casual meal (with minimal entertainment options utilized) or about a huge Gala at the local hotel for 500 guests. Simple or elegant, it's about family, friends, good times and celebration of successes in business.

We are looking to create an MODERN, slightly EDGY site design that is inviting and interesting and useful for the end users. These are people planning the event. The target viewer is TYPICALLY a manager or hired party planner and the company will host and pay for this event.

From the Advertisers perspective:
They want to make money from their exposure here on this site. We wish to stimulate sales for companies like caterers, entertainers (and other vendors/services) chain hotels, and single restaurants who will be advertising on the site. We also want to EDUCATE viewers using photos, videos and text/blog as well.


1. A site with ATTITUDE. A little edgy... Artsy.... Even the management in professional corporations let their hair down, let loose and have fun.

2. We have uploaded a font graphic for use in creating the NAV (top) and the individual headers for each area (department). See as the example as well.

3. Use of the logo we have attached as well as the other elements attached.

4. Although we desire TWO PAGES, (Home page and Profile Page designs) we would like to see homepage designs only in the contest, and once the winner is decided on, we will work with the chosen designer to get the second page designed as well.

5. USE (as a starting point) the wireframe of our sister site: (The home page) We have preset image sizes for the AD SPOTS that we must adhere to.

6. Facebook graphic added to footer area (attached below)

7. Banner AD graphic for header at far top right.

8. Graphically......we are looking for a corporate looking BUT fun website that would appeal to a professional female but also males. Most people using the site would be professionals so we want a site that looks serious about business but also encourages a fun mentality.

9. DELIVERABLES: - FILETYPES to be .PSD with layers grouped and named please. Also, AI and .EPS for any vector graphics.

Numero di pagine


Descrizione delle pagine

The content area should be 1024PX wide. You do not have to have visible left and right gutters, just a VERY cool background that can be seen. The logo will be provided to you. See the attachment below.

1. We also like muted shades of blue and JUST AS WELL, we also love the color of deep burgundy (Cabernet Sauvignon) too!

2. We are looking for CORPORATE MEETS THE FEMALE TOUCH. A business look but with touches of ornamentals (Very Subtle) can be used. Using colors in spots for lines and graphics could be helpful in softening the CORPORATE LOOK.... We like the edgy-ness of, their Tall Fonts and oversized header boxes (the container for the header text)

3. 1024 WIDTH for the pages

4. Must use the image (ADS) sizes located at home page.


5a Home Page: Use the wireframe for: to get started. DO NOT use the HEADER DESIGN of this site. Use the header design of:

Create a FEATURED COMPONENT and get inspiration from: It's the photo type component at top left.

5b. Underneath the featured component, please create a Tab-based component with 5 tabs that takes up a table size of 60% width and 216 PX tall. This component will have tabs for: Catering, Featured Locations, featured Services, Featured Themes and Featured Wines. We'll need a cool way to display the featured items in the component. Here's the link for you to get inspiration from:

6. We'll require a featured video player component (video player size 300x166) and three video icons (90x53 images with play buttons over them) created for this component. Their should be text with each image to explain what company is being featured if they click on that image. Place this in the lower area of the design.

7. Profile Page: Use wire frame of….cfm?ID=55 this page can be used as a wireframe (starting point) for the Profile Page Design.

Sito esistente

1. home page can be used as a wireframe (starting point) for the home page design. DO NOT use the header design at Use this style for the very top (with logo at far left):
2.….cfm?ID=55 can be used as a wireframe (starting point) for the Profile Page Design.

3. We like this site but wanted an UPGRADE to it's look and feel so use this site as the starting point. We want people to immediately feel at home when they see after being referred to the site by

4. We like the current header SIZE on but would entertain the idea of a banner ad at top right within the header. Feel free to mock that up with a standard 468x60 size banner.

5. Currently, we use arial, helvetica, sans-serif at We'd like to see use of the "Georgia' font for default main text again and Frutiger Condensed BOLD or Trade Gothic Condensed BOLD (or very similar to the black (ALL CAPS) font used at for Headers) used as headers.

esempi di siti web

IMPORTANT: There's two large components to be at left side near the top. (Right below the Log and the navigation toolbar)

A. Featured Component
B. Tab-Based Component

They are to sit one above each other.

Sorry I gave wrong URL before, these are correct:

A. Sample idea for Featured Component: (
B. Sample idea for Tab-Based Component (

Examples of sites we like:

Inspiration? - The team love these sites:
Love the fun BUBBLY background concept at this website:

Cool ideas we like:
Water drops on glass, soft focus elements, transparency layers, boxes with semi-transparent thick, square and round border with transparency that show through to the background.

Pages scroll and the swirly muted colored backgrounds show through as static (don't move) EXAMPLE:

and they like: (The Tab-based component design is really cool) (Home page design) (love the water drops reflecting on glass look....can you come up with something like that but not a blatant copy of that style? Champagne bubbles? Who knows?) (Notice the Ads at far right we like these) 7 total ads... 1 big, 6 smaller & stacked.

RE: LOGO: use the attached logo (attached to the lower area here on the brief page).

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