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Design for Healthcare Staffing Company - $600

snazawa necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 68 design presentati da 22 designer.


Come snazawa ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet


Need help re-designing the website. Designs must include both a Home page as well as inside page template.

Nome del brand

The company can be referred to simply as "MedPro" rather than MedPro Staffing

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

Connecting people who care!

Desired Color Scheme:
See design brief.

Desired Style:
See design brief.

Accepted File Formats:
Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff); Fireworks png

Company Description:  MedPro is a leader in the Travel Healthcare staffing industry. They help place nurses and other allied healthcare professionals in travel healthcare jobs in a variety of locations throughout the United States.

Domain: merging and into one site. Update: please do not use Abetta Care anywhere in the design. Abetta Care is going away.

Templates: home page and inside page. Inside page should use same visual theme as home page, however the header/masthead area should be shorter to provide more room for content. Update: inside template should be either a 2 or 3 column template. Once I have a basic template I can create the others that I might still need or work with the designer once the contest is closed.

Style:  Looking for something contemporary and innovative. Needs to be a really clean design with good white-space/negative-space. Update: "white-space" does not necessarily mean lots of white. White-space or negative space means that the elements on the page are spaced nicely and not too busy or crowded. The design could possibly incorporate some subtle web 2.0 elements, but do not want the gradients overdone. Prefer to have something that is unique and includes elements that stand out along the lines of the website below but perhaps with slightly more subtle textures and shadows:

Other sites within the same industry but in my mind are not great or are not contemporary, include:

This site is pretty good, but has a little too much white dominating with the white page background:

I will need to present three distinct designs to the client for the first round so I'm willing to consider several different styles.  You can see that most of the designs above incorporate mostly healthcare images, but since MedPro is also about the being able to travel and work in many different parts of the U.S., the design should probably include images of people having fun in addition to working in a hospital, clinic, etc. If you look at the website, you can see that they only use fun non-medical images. I think a balance of the two might work best. It would be nice to have several options/versions to show the client.

Design Elements: Apply Now and Hot Jobs or Jobs should be prominent on the home page and perhaps even the inside pages. There should also be a prominent banner or link to "Traveler Testimonials" or "What our Travelers say" with a catchy graphic.

Tagline: "Connecting people who care!"

Logo: an eps vector file is bundled with the images zipped folder.

Images: feel free to use any of these images in your design. These were obtained from istockphoto and were chosen by the client. If you'd like to use more images, please use a website other than istockphoto. A $100 image allowance will be provided for any stock photo images/icons/artwork that are purchased and used as part of the winning design or that you have available and we would like to use in other parts of the website.

Color scheme: The logo needs to remain purple, so any color scheme that would complement or work with the logo would be good.The client likes the purple color, but if purple is used, it should not overwhelm the design like the current website. Update: the "Pro" part of the logo should stay gray, but I believe the client would be open to other color combinations for the "Pro" part of the logo if they thought it looked nice with the purple "Med".

Navigation: will consider top navigation/menu bar or a combination of top navigation with left or right side section navigation. Update: Main navigation should include: Why MedPro, For Nurses, For Allied Travelers, For Employers, Job Openings, Contact Us

Dimensions: 920px - 940px wide

File Formats: Fireworks native .png is preferred, but Photoshop .psd is perfectly acceptable as well. Layers in files must be well organized and labeled clearly.

XHTML/CSS Templates: we are looking for a designer that really understands CSS layout and design. If the winning designer can also provide clean standards compliant XHTML and CSS coded templates, then once the design is closed we would like to consider paying for that job as well. That would be negotiated separately, however.

- your designs must be original and anthing that looks like it was modified from a commercial template will not be accepted.
- as always, you should not contact the client for any reason.

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