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Fresh, Creative Product Needs A Fresh, Creative Website

gainedm necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

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Come gainedm ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet

Nome azienda


ShiftShade is an innovative solution to a longstanding problem for shift workers, medical staff, and napping moms and babies alike. ShiftShade is a window shade that completely blocks outside light from entering the room, enabling daytime sleep for those who need it.

ShiftShade was invented 4 years ago by a shift worker himself. The product has sold well in that time, but we need a new, fresh look to carry us into the future. This is the first step in a new marketing push to grow the company, which we hope will lead to new products, new brands, and even more design work. We're looking for a designer that will be available for future updates, additions, and more. We're looking to build a brand around this design.

Dicci qualcosa su di te e sulle persone che vuoi raggiungere

The site should target ShiftShade's 3 major markets: factory/shift workers, medical personnel, and parents of napping babies.

Shift workers and medical personnel are usually going to bed as the rest of us wake to start our day. Unfortunately for them, it's difficult to sleep when the daylight floods the bedroom. For the same reason, mothers and caregivers struggle when babies aren't able to get a full nap. ShiftShade is the product they need, but many don't know it exists. When they land on our site, we want the message to be clear and focused: ShiftShade can provide complete darkness for daytime sleep, and it's extremely easy to install.

We don't want to be boxed into these markets, as ShiftShade can also provide meaningful solutions for other markets like game/media rooms, but these 3 targets are the core of our business.


We want the new site to be the antithesis of the current site. Our current site is extremely wordy, unprofessional, and cumbersome. We are looking for something that is clear, simple, and modern. We want it to have a clear design, but will not approve anything that is "over-designed". Please use the existing site ( to learn about the product, but nothing about the layout or structure is sacred.

We're looking for a full home page design, but we must be able to use it, perhaps with minor tweaks, throughout the site. Please don't design a splash type page that doesn't provide a good base for internal pages. The design should incorporate a logo and tagline. We'll provide a logo, but you're free to make any changes to it or completely redesign it. Our current tag line is "For a Good Night's Sleep... All Day!", but I've said nothing is sacred.

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The home page should incorporate an area for a very simple description of the product, focused area with a picture/drawing of the product (maybe a video), an area for rotating testimonials, and a prominent Buy Now/Get Started type of button/link/element of some kind.

Please incorporate your take on a new navigation menu.

We currently have 6 menu options. To simplify it, I'd love to get down to 4 options, but the main thing is that we're looking for a little more creativity with the labels.

Menu structure commentary:

About - would like to keep something like this as a bio of the inventor... interested in a more creative label (like "The Man Behind The Shade" or something like that). This may not need to be a menu option, but just a link off the homepage.

Description - obviously we'll need something like this to include a description and installation instructions, but a more personable label would be nice.

FAQ - We need an option like this to address concerns/questions, but I've never been a fan of the FAQ acronym.

Testimonials - we'd rather have a rotating section on the homepage for this instead of a menu option.

Order - Maybe something more prominent for this... a Buy Now type of thing.

Contact - Contact information for the company.

Sito esistente
We do not like the wordiness and overall confusion of our current site. The grey and blue are bland, and the eye doesn't really know where to look.

esempi di siti web
This is our competitor. We do not like their site AT ALL, but we like the way they have an interesting drawing of their product that draws your attention.
We REALLY like this site. It has the clean, professional look that we are after. It also has targeted links for signing up, which is what we're looking for with our Buy Now option. We want the users' eyes to be drawn to the product, and then to either a Buy Now or Learn More option.

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