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Highly stylish, luxury radiator supplier needs a website re-design!

rushy necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 36 design presentati da 12 designer.


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We need a brand new website design for an ecommerce site. The design will need to be original and extremely elegant and stylish to compliment our extensive range of high quality, luxury, expensive, modern, contemporary designer radiators and towel rails. Think rolex for radiators...

Nome azienda

Radiator Style

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

Stylish Radiators for Stylish Homes

Desired Color Scheme:
See below. Also mentioned in the detailed description.

Desired Style:
Elegant, luxurious, expensive looking, high class, rolex

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

This website design will be used as the homepage of our site and must achieve both user response by having things in the right place (such as banners, promotion images, newsletter subscriptions etc) and being made up of the right sort of style (colours, layout etc.).

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make this site look elegant and rich, luxury and stylish, chic.

I am looking for a fixed page width of about 1000px and a layout that can stretch vertically without ruining the design for longer content-orientated pages.

I am looking for a:
- logo placeholder (logos welcome $100 bonus for logo)
- header image (that may be changed to flash or a rotating promotional banner in the future) that will be used to advertise/showcase our products
- header navigation buttons (similar to the simple rollovers seen at I would like rollover images (could just be colours if that looks better) for 4 or 5 text-based links across the top of the header image. I would also like to have simple text links (like those in the website above) for 'Shopping Cart', 'Contact Us', 'Sitemap' and 'Home' independant of the rollover buttons.
- left-hand category navigation menu. This could either be to the left of the header or below the header if you think it would look better to stretch the header across the entire design.  I want simple css based roolovers for this part of the site so if you could choose the colours that would best suit your design when you do it.  I will probably use some dotted border rollover effect for each category.
- main content area.  I like the look of the main content area at where there are boxes in and around the content to direct traffic to the relevant parts of the site.  I would like something similar to this with a larger format content area for a promotion image with some relevant content and then a few 'direct response/request' boxes like those on christy towels. You can use random text content/images for each box but i want at least these in the design especially:
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
10 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us
Free Heat Loss Calculator
Fast Deliveries on all mainland UK orders
Get the latest Radiator Styles sent direct to your inbox
The main content area will eventually be showcasing all the products with all the normal shopping cart features.  The design you are making is technically just a homepage with a fantastic layout to send traffic to the relevant sections of the site.
- the footer should contain all the usual sitemap, contact, about, copyright information and all the other legal bumf that is normally found in footers.  These links should all be text only and I can edit them appropriately when i get the designThe whole layout must be designed in an appropriate colour scheme with preferably a white CONTENT background.

I have posted some links here to sites that I like the style of and a few reasons why:
The site demands attention as soon as you log on. Good images, clean design, powerful and stylish.
Good colour scheme, looks  luxurious and expensive which is what I am looking for.
Excellent user interface on the home page. Quickly shows you exactly where you need to go to find your information and makes good use of subtle, clean, professional colours and brilliant images/boxes to stimulate action
Hits you straight in the face with elegance in my view although if its possible I'd prefer not to go with the black background although I cant help but feel that this is instrumental in its effect.
Ideally my site will take the best points of all of these sites and roll them up into 1 great, fantastic, clean, luxury and expensive looking company with a professional and highly stylish design!!



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