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Killer Real Estate Layout: Burying The Competition Alive!!

trillaaa necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 45 design presentati da 18 designer.


Come trillaaa ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet


Create a website layout for a Tucson start-up company that'll disrupt the entire Southern Arizona real estate industry! Start-up already has an A grade team and staff, and all we need now is your winning website design! Be a part of Tucson real estate history!


Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

I need a home page and an internal page designed. I need a professional layout designed that looks great, and is incredibly easy to navigate. Like Geico, a caveman should be able to use

You see, my website right now... It's kinda like... a Louis Vuitton Store in the ghetto. People know it's a great resource but they're afraid to venture through the concrete jungle. So I need a relocation to happen with this website design. Relocate me to 5th Avenue. Relocate me to Rodeo Drive. Or how about Ginza? Maybe Champs Elysees?

TRE Daily is the new breed. We bring service back into real estate. We put our clients before our interests. We're the company that's going to make every useless, non-performing real estate agent packing their bags for a new profession and industry.

How are we going to do this you ask?

All of our agents have sold 20+ homes in their careers, and we're a small company where we all work together. We know each others' names and help each other out with information and assistance.

But when it comes to selling? We market properties over 25+ video sites and 30+ real estate listing sites. We create individual websites for each property, have 50+ full size high quality photos, and da-dum, VIDEO! We really do what real estate agents are supposed to do. Provide value to the Umpteenth degree. Notice the U is capitalized.

So, yes, you're designing a website that's going to be a major player in the Tucson real estate industry. I wouldn't doubt it... Doubt what? Doubt that we're going to get airtime on news channels because of this disruption. Get magazine to mention, or even cover us, about what we brought back into the industry.

If we shine, you shine. So help us polish ourselves. You scratch my back, your portfolio will love you for it!

Mi piace

Here is the logo of TRE Daily. It's 98% done, me and the designer are going to go through some last minute changes with extremely tiny details, but that is the idea and color scheme that I'm going with.

I've uploaded sketches for what I had in mind, and you can check them out here:

Briefing Video

Main Page


Internal Page.

As you can see, the Internal Page is the header and footer of the Main Page with a customized sidebar.

You do not have to follow the sketches to the T. That's what I had in mind, but if you are going to put in your two cents, creativity, and your effort into it to create something grand? Blow me away with your genius. I've done that with my logo contest, might as well allow you to do it for this right here and receive the same results.

For the Main Page:

As you can tell from my sketches, I value my real estate website's real estate. I'd like you to value it too in your concepts.
- For the header, I'd like to have my logo, phone number, and a CSS customizable navigation bar.
- In the middle, I'd like to have a client menu. A blog box with recent posts; a Search the Entire MLS for Free box, a Get the Most HOME for Your $$$ box, a Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar (with a small tagline *click to find out how listing with other agents can have you losing 1,000s of dollars*), and a newsletter opt-in box.
- Under the menu, I'd like to be able to have these boxes that I can edit in the future within my Wordpress CMS. Have a nice box design, but at any given time, I can change the titles and contents within the boxes.
- And last but not least, a footer.For the Internal Page:

The Internal Page is the same as the Main Page's header and footer, but it has a sidebar with graphic buttons. These are the buttons that I was looking for:
- A TRE Daily Blog button with text inside -Up to date market news, trends, and more...- and it's divided with an RSS subscription button
- A "Latest Tucson Market Report" with a tagline -Find out the overview of what happened in Tucson's market last month-
- A Buy button, can have the offer: Get the most home for your money
- A sell button, Sell your Home Fast and for Top Dollar
- A Search Tucson MLS Button
- A "TRE Daily VS The Traditional Real Estate Agent" button with the tagline -Find out who obliterates the competition!-
- Tucson Resources button, with tagline of Dining, Outdoor Activities, and more...-
- Answer Our Survey and Win Dinner for 2 buttonThat's it. Take what I need and create a masterpiece. Once again, my sketches are what I had in my mind. You're a designer. Take it to the next level. Take it to the next level, but remember this has to be easy to navigate. Easy to use. Valuable to someone from ages 21-80. An all around beautiful website.

My team can take it to the top with our service and value. Just create a site that keeps the visitor engaged just long enough so that we can deliver our message and have them wake up that we're the best.

We don't tell them we're the best by saying we're the best. We're the best because we deliver 2010 real estate company values.

Thanks and good luck everyone, I know me and my company will not be disappointed!

Non voglio

As long as you follow the above desires, we'll be good.

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