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LAUNCH of Premium Private Sales site: bold landing page needed

AVA fashion necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 46 design presentati da 13 designer.


Come AVA fashion ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet

Nome del brand

AVA. “Designer Brands. Private Sales. For Fashion’s Finest.”


AVA is an exclusive, members-only community for fashion’s finest. We offer members weekly private sales featuring the finest designer apparel and accessories. With our team of experienced and renowned buyers, AVA curates only the finest and best value items from brands that are known and desired. Our network of fashion journalists and bloggers provides our members with content that informs and inspires.

AVA aims to launch with a fully functional e-commerce website in February 2011. In the meantime, we need a homepage for before launching a full website.

The objectives of the home page are two-fold:
1.) Spark interest in and awareness of AVA prior to launch; and
2.) Gather email addresses for potential members.

Dicci qualcosa su di te e sulle persone che vuoi raggiungere

AVA targets up-market, fashion forward women in the Philippines. Between 21 to 35 years old, they are usually busy, working professionals. They shop for apparel and accessories frequently. They can afford to pay premium prices (USD 80+ for an evening dress, USD 60+ for shoes), but won’t simply buy luxury for luxury’s sake. They are sophisticated buyers and discriminate their purchases based value instead of buying the highest priced item. They see themselves as trendsetters and opinion leaders, frequently sharing the latest news about brands with close friends. They read blogs like,, and, and magazines such as Preview (Philippines), Mega (Philippines), Vogue, and Lifestyle Asia.


• Logo: Logo Must Have:
o The text “AVA”
o Be positioned in a prominent side of the homepage – top or middle.
o Logo must be creatively designed text (no pictures or drawings)
o We want to make use of the symmetric nature of the letters in “AVA”. For instance (just an idea), the logo can be one inverted “V”, a “V” and another inverted “V”. See Logo-Ideas.ppt attached.
o Must connote a feel of a luxury, premium brand and sophistication; yet still friendly and accessible.

• Home page:
o Must include logo and tagline
o Tagline text: “Designer Brands. Private Sales. For Fashion’s Finest.”
o One text box for people to submit their email
o Submit button
o Include the text: “Launching Soon. Request an Invitation.”
o Bottom left:
 About Us
 Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter
 Contact Us
o One key visual as the background. The tag line and text box may be superimposed over the background.
 See below for key visual criteria.
o Use a black background. Experiment with combinations around deep color shades of red, purple, blue, gray, and black.
o Must look clean, sleek and elegant – not cluttered with unnecessary details
o See Fashionstake-Stake-Screenshot.jpg as a good starting point.

• Must be editable at a later date; ie: transformed into an actual website with functional menus and additional content. Leave space on top where menu items can be placed

Numero di pagine


Descrizione delle pagine

Key Visual Criteria:
• Picture of female / females
• Eurasian look. Attractive, yet a friendly, accessible face. Not super model-ish.
o Good examples: Georgina Wilson, Charo Ronquillo, Solenn Heussaff, Jasmine Maierhoffer
o Bad examples: Gong Li, Maggie Q
• Has to look “high fashion”, exclusive, symbolizes sophistication, but not arrogance or aloofness. Must look friendly and approachable.
• Starter ideas include: images that connote waiting and breathless anticipation
Do not include:
• Overt references to the Philippines. Although we are a Philippines-based business, we do not wish to use the Philippine flag, map, beaches, etc
• The color scheme should NOT use any shades of pink, green or orange.

General guidelines:

1. Fashion is the main 'event' and not the models. The user shouldn't feel like they're entering a website but actually peering into a different world of fashion, where the design captures an 'experience' (see and the JPEG landing page of fashion stake, I will also upload a few more photos in the design brief)

2. Be experimental. Here are some thought starters:
- Choose a color that will be the main color accent of the site and brand and use it to emphasize parts of the page. For example, a purple or silver color emphasizes all or part of the logo and is also a piece of clothing on the model. See the landing page for (the elephant and the 1st shoe are the same color)
- Use action/context shots, but maintain sophistication. See the landing page for
- You can choose a scenic shot also
- Get inspired by magazine covers or magazine editorials (there are some photos attached)

3. Be visually captivating but not overwhelming. Logo must tie back to the overall design.

4. When thinking of text placement and colors, imagine what it could look like in the inside pages. We have to choose a landing page design that could be the basis for the inside page structure/design as well.

5. It's still feminine and it's still Asian. Don't forget the market.

Pacchetto personalizzato

699 US$

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  • Inserimento in cima alla lista dei contest aperti

Funzioni gratuite

  • Contest protetti
  • Contest veloce (fast track)



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