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“Penobscot Heritage Wood Collection”™

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We are setting up a new company to sell unique wood and wood products generated from up to 250 year old old growth logs harvested from the portion of the Penobscot River that is within the Penobscot Indian Nation reservation. Without cutting down a tree, Native American and other Maine artists, craftspeople and woodworkers will convert much of this recovered natural resource into a wide range of unique recovered wood products. Sculptures, carvings, furniture, laser engraved plaques, games, baskets and boxes and other items will be created. Many items will include laser engraved artwork around two historical themes, the Penobscot Tribe and Maine river logging. Graphics for engraving and to sell as prints are being created representing both of these subject matters.

Nome azienda

“Penobscot Heritage Wood Collection”™

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

UnderWater Wood Specialists is a Native American owned enterprise that is working closely with the Penobscot Tribe Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corp of Engineers to make certain that all log harvesting activities are performed in an environmentally responsible manner, which in turn supports our efforts to produce environmentally friendly recovered wood products for the Green marketplace.

Mi piace

- Item 1...We want a home page that visually highlights the essence of our operation that ties together the recovery of a lost natural resource in an environmentally responsible manner in conjunction with its strong connection the Penobscot Indian Nation and the history of river logging in Maine. Beyond its visual impact it needs to be user-friendly and easily navigated as well as imply the uniqueness and high quality of our products.

Beyond the standard Home, About Us and Contact Us sections, there will be six information categories (see attached draft web site from template,
1. Sinker Logs (material covering this topic)
2. Harvesting Logs (how the logs are harvested in an environmentally responsible manner),
3. Penobscot Indian Nation & Maine River Logging ( a brief history relating to the Penobscot Tribe and river logging in Maine),
4. Why Wood & Why Recovered Wood? (material explaining why wood is the most environmentally friendly building and manufacturing material on this planet and why recovered wood is even more environmentally friendly than virgin wood).
5. Mill Marks (material covering the brand marks that are carved into logs to designate their owner),
6. Product Considerations (material explaining the range of our products and the nature of limited availability, numbered limited edition, one of a kind and custom designed products)

The product section will include four product categories as opposed to the three categories listed on the original home page template (see attached link for reference);
1. Material” (i.e. logs, log end sculpting blocks, carving blanks, turning squares, planks, lumber, etc.),
2. Finished Products (i.e., laser engraved products such as paddles, plaques, picture frames, games, wine and gift boxes, etc.),
3. Graphics (i.e., theme oriented pen and inks and paintings, framed or unframed),
4. Custom Design (commission work).

Many of the products will be upscale, limited edition or one of a kind. The heritage of the wood used and the essence of the products should have a visual theme relative to both the Penobscot Tribe and Maine river logging, since they shared much of the same natural resources, geography, history and culture. In addition a number of tribal members played key rolls in the success of log drives for many decades.

Due to the overall Native American nature of this enterprise, we will be initially strategically targeting Native American market sectors including architects, casinos, upscale gift shops and galleries. We would like these groups to relate to the site when they visit it, but visitors that are focused on the Maine river logging side of the product line also need to relate to the home page, so it cannot be overly Native American oriented. .

We want our company logo and brand logo included in the home page.

This site will be used to take orders and collect payments.

Here is our logo is a PSD format:…tsLogo.psd

Here is the Penobscot Heritage logo in PDF format:…%20Logo%20

Non voglio

- Item 1...We started by using a canned template but are not happy with the look, see . We want something more creative and flowing, but we do not want flash, too busy, complex, distracting and time consuming to get downloaded onto visitors computers. Any Native American graphics and visuals need to refer to the Penobscots, a northeastern tribe and not to other regional nations.

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