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$350 Prize - Web Site Template for a Construction Company

panorama necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

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We are looking to design a Home Page for a new Web site for a construction company. They specialize in large scale building projects such as shopping malls, strip plazas and residential complexes. They do not have a current Web site so all we are going on for design ideas is their logo and a few photographs that they have taken of their buildings.

Nome del brand

Lisgar Construction Company

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?


Desired Color Scheme:
Something that matches the logo which is red and black

Accepted File Formats:
layered .psd

We are looking to design a Home Page for a new Web site for a construction company. They specialize in large scale building projects such as shopping malls, strip plazas and residential complexes. They do not have a current Web site so all we are going on for design ideas is their logo and a few photographs that they have taken of their buildings.

The winner will be asked to design one interior page to go along with the winning Home Page. Coding is not required but if you can do it, we will offer an additional $50.

Colour scheme: Anything. But it must compliment their logo which is red and black. The use of grays would work well, but lets see what you can come up with. Be creative in your selections.

Style: The Web site must be simple and very professional looking. We are not looking for something that looked like it was designed in 1997. The style can be a bit subtle, with a concentration on straight edges and a box- like design i.e. we are not looking for something curvy and flowing. That doesnt fit the image of a construction company.

We will probably end up going with a drop-down menu somewhere on the page (either horizontal or vertical) and we are looking for something similar in simplicity and style of the drop-down menu on

Even though I'm not a big fan of TM's template designs, here are some Template Monster templates that we like the style of so you can get a general idea of what we are looking for:…13445.html…13436.html…13310.html…13187.html…12438.html…12345.html

To repeat, we need something very professional looking.

You can download the logos and the images you can use in the design here:…

Design and Content Requirements:

The page must have the following features:

1. Company logo. The client has provided the company logo. It is pretty simple in both style and colour. It should be predominately featured near the top.
2. A search box (and corresponding search button, of course) should located on the page somewhere in an appropriate spot.
3. Menu with the following links: -- About Us Services Projects Location
4. A short description of the company.
5. You may use the images that I have uploaded in any fashion you wish. You can use them in a header or separately if you wish. Up to you.
6. We dont have a lot of information for the Home Page, since this will be a fairly small site to begin with, so any creative ideas on types of info would be great too. If it helps, some of the sections of the Web site will be: History and Vision, Client List (subsections: industrial and commercial projects, residential projects, civil and municipal projects and institutional and recreational projects), Health and Safety Policies, Testimonials, General Contracting Services, Project Management Services, Design and Building Services, Completed Projects Portfolio, Current Projects and Tendering and Green Building and Awards. Some ideas may include putting testimonials or links to the portfolio on the page somewhere.
7. A footer with the following links: Contact Us and Terms
8. A copyright notice at the bottom: Copyright 2007 Acme Construction. All rights reserved.
9. Font size is up to you, but I DO NOT like big fonts. I design using somewhere around 11px. I also prefer Verdana as my font of choice. Hopefully you do too J

Size: The width of the template should be between 750-800 pixels. It will be centered in the browser window. The length should be something reasonable, preferably keeping everything above the scroll.

How we are judging: I will try to provide comments daily. If for some reason I cant get on to offer comments one day, I will be on the next. Sometime during the process the client will be looking at the designs, but this will not be everyday. Perhaps only once or twice during the contest.

Award: $350 USD.

Desired File Format: layered PSD file(s), with fonts if applicable.

Payment Method: We are open to just about anything, Cheque, PayPal, whatever works the best for you.

We are looking forward to seeing the entries. We really value the time and effort you spend working on these. If you have any questions whatsoever, please ask. And good luck to everyone!!


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