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New teen nightclub needs 'club like' website and brouchure help

jump2it necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

2 vincitori sono stati selezionati tra 14 design presentati da 7 designer.


Come jump2it ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet


We are looking for a website and 4"x6" brouchures for our new teen night that we are featuring at our indoor, inflatable party facility. On our first teen night, Saturday, May 12th we will have a D.J. to compliment our disco ball, strobe lights, and fog effects. We are looking to get a site and brochure that is attractive to teenagers, and that portrays a nightclub-like image.

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

Desired Color Scheme:
darker colors (black, purple, etc...) mixed with some lighter ones to make them 'pop'

Desired Style:
'club like' feel to the site. Artwork can be downloaded @

Accepted File Formats:
All files should be in .PSD layered format

Jump 2 It is an indoor, inflatable, party facility that is located in Peachtree City, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. We are mainly a child's facility, with our target market being between 3 and 12 years old. We have noticed a need in our area for someplace for teenagers to go on the weekend, and have decided to create a 'teen night' at our facility. This will be a time for the kids (ages 12 - 16) to get away from their parents in a fun and safe environment.

Between our full sized inflatables, arcade games, sound system with disco ball, strobe lights, and fog effects, we believe that we can entertain the kids as long as we can get them into our facility.

The Challenge:
We are known as a 'kid' facility, and our webpage (which we love... thanks SkippyTim) reflects this. And there is the problem, teenagers don't usually like things that they consider childish. So we are looking to put together a small site that has a 'club' feel to it. We also need a small 4"x6" brochure (front and back) that we will be using for our promoters to hand out. We would like both the website and brochure to have the same 'feel' to them. To this end we have placed two contests, one in 'uncoded templates' and one in 'other design tasks'.

We would like to have our existing logo somewhere in the site, and somewhere on the brochure, but it is not required. Also, if anyone wants to play with the logo and even be creative and come up with a name for the teen night (or teen nightclub), we would definatley be open to this, but it is not required to win this contest.

So Now To The Specs:

Template Components
The template should include the following components:

- logo (some version of the original)
- Header
- Footer
- Navigation Menu

Details on Navigation Menu
The navigation menu should be vertical in design and left-aligned.Currently, we plan to use five menu items, though the number is subject to change. The style of the CSS menu should be able to accomodate an expansion/removal of menu items. Menu will not drop down or pull out, though it should have a hover style to indicate selection.

Background and hover graphics are required. Text will be placed on the images via HTML/CSS.


The template should utilize the above mentioned template components, as well as include some sort of visual treatment to engage user interest (but no overkill on imagery or design elements). There should also be a content well of sorts to place up coming events, announcements, etc...

You can download the logo, and an images of the type of product that we are looking for at the following link:

Please use the advertising image enclosed in the zip files only as a guidling. You're welcome to get creative with any other royalty-free artwork you'd like to use.

About Your Entry
All artwork should be original. Submitted templates purchased from template distributors will be rejected.

Feedback will be provided daily on entries. Contest holder reserves the right to vacate contest or extend contest end time due to lack of quality entries.

4"x6" brouchure Components
The brouchure should include the following components:

- layered .PSD file format (both 300 & 600 dpi)
- logo (some version of the original)
- Place for address, phone number, and website info (not neccisarily located together)
- Place for the Promoter's ID code to go (maybe on the back, in one of the lower corners)

If there are any questions, please post them on sitepoint. We will be checking regularly for any updates.

This contest was originally listed in multiple categories:
- Web Page Design
- Other Design Tasks

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