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Davidmd1975 necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 18 design presentati da 9 designer.


Come Davidmd1975 ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet


We're looking for something very similar to:
This is our favorite--it has the color combination and content displays we are shooting for! Make a BATTLE/GRUNGE VERSION OF THIS SITE! Bullet-holes are fine, but NO GUNS
If you don't have a great banner idea, you can leave the banner for another artist contest.

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

Desired Color Scheme:
Similar to

Desired Style:
But personalize it. Use "masculine" colors, can try smoke in places, bullet holes, etc--it's a BATTLE!
Somewhere in the design, try to incorporate theILLIST logo (see how it was used in the background for our stickers--it doesn't hav

Accepted File Formats:
PSD & jPEG, Fireworks PNG-Layers OK

This competition is for a Hip-Hop Battles site where artist's can get together and battle one another with raps or beats. Each contribution is voted on by listeners and other artists. It's a sister site that is linked from and managed by, which is coming soon. That's why there are a limited # of pages that will need to be designed.
Some competitions will be for bragging rights, some for money, others for prizes.

There's an initial declaration of 2 winners: they then design the 2nd page (directions will follow later), and the winner will get the contract, the 2nd place will get $50.
The winner will then be required to design the rest of the battle site, which be about 8 other pages (see bottom of this); most are less complex than the sitepoint designs.

Note to designers: So as to allay any more confusion, go with something very similar to:
This is our favorite--it has the color combination and content displays we are shooting for!
Make a BATTLE/GRUNGE VERSION OF THIS SITE! If you don't have a great banner idea, you can leave the banner for another artist contest.

You can change the colors and add in theIllist relevant details (when I say the color combination we are shooting for above, I mean the right "mood"--it doesn't mean it has to be all blue, etc.).
It shouldn't be a "copy" (can't be legally), but should have a similar feel.

See the below for examples of our logo and images.…JFaUYDjPnQ

We've figured out a way to make the # of "Top Battles, Top this, top that" less on the front page, so I'm simplifying what we require on the front page so you can have more flexibility with the designs.

1. Banner that shows off what the site is: The ILLIST Beats: please incorporate our TheILLIST Logo, but make it look like it's been through a battle or something.

2. Links Bar with the following:
**1. (link back to main page of home site).
**2. List of Battles
*****1. this will go to a YouTube style page where there will be many options to choose the type of battle (beats vs rap), the time line (last 4 weeks vs last year), etc.
**3. List of Battlers.
*****1. Same as "list of battles"
**4. Rules & Definitions
**5. FAQs
**6. Get an account!

3. Sign in area: for those who are members but haven't yet logged in and want to.
**1. We need an "alternative" look of this at some point (maybe not for sitepoint, but if you win) that shows they are logged in.
*****1. Be creative on this: look at the ticket that was designed for

4. Other blocks/squares that you can put in with various designs & sizes:
**1. Featured Contest
**2. Featured Artist: would include pic & name.
*****1. This can be multiple artists
**3. "Get upgraded to TheILLIST Status" (this is the highest status one can achieve and is done so by paying a monthly fee; the status will allow artists to make more money)
**4. 4. Blogs & Forums Link
**5. Top MCs this month: list of top 5
**6. Top Producers this month: list of top 5

# Optional additions to the front page (don't want it to get too crowded)
**1. Up & Coming Artist: would include pic & name.
**2. Site News section Link

5. Advertising space at the bottom of the page for google ad-cents style stuff (see TimL's design):
**1. Put in a cool graffiti background (see TimL's example)

The prize ($350) is for the following:

1. Main Page (being done in contest)
2. Tournament page 1 (2nd phase of sitepoint contest)
3. Tournament page 2
4. Rules & Definition Page
5. Contests listing page
6. Top Battles Listing Page
7. Top MCs Page
8. Battle specific Options to go on artist profile pages

Below are some links to cool wall pics I took--only if you're looking for something.…3041529730…0027085666…5667347282…3191147730…0500559090…7012641602

Use only if you dig them & this fits your style! These aren't going to win you any brownie points or anything.

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400 US$

Funzioni gratuite

  • Contest aperto
  • Contest veloce (fast track)



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