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Web Design for Business Brokerage Site:

Eric Melin necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 42 design presentati da 5 designer.


Come Eric Melin ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet

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Dear Designers, we are a team of 5 people right now - I'm Eric (Co-Founder) and experienced with venture-backed web startups, you can read more here: Others include a Lawyer with experience in Business Brokerage Transactions, a Biz Dev / Sales person, data entry contractors and several contract PHP/MySQL web developers/programmers. Our team has the technical expertise to implement your designs with HTML/CSS but does needs to work with a good designer patient to help with the front end application. We have internal SEO/SEM capacity with a dedicated SEO staff and will be heavily promoting this property once built, the winning designer/developer will be offered designs credits/link on the homepage, and footer. Please demonstrate an understanding of the business model and are proactive in your development. Feel free to post a business-for-sale listing as a test. The application is actively being built with a goal of 100,000 small business listings added this year. I've Posted a list of comparable websites, please take the time to review each, and ASK any questions, and FEEL FREE TO BE PROACTIVE AND CREATIVE. I'm happy to include permanent credits in the footer of the website to your design firm or your personal page.

Dicci qualcosa su di te e sulle persone che vuoi raggiungere

909brokers is a team of business brokers specialized in helping business owners buy and sell businesses between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in total transaction size. Our qualified brokers specialize in small businesses and e-commerce businesses but assist all business transactions. With a skilled broker available nearly 24/7 at (909) BROKERS / 909-276-5377 our brokers list your business for free and only earn a success fee after a successful transaction. We are targeting "Main Street" business Owners who want to sell, prospective business buyers, and the business brokerage community who will use our database and various listing features. Our business model is similar to Flippa (sister company to this wonderful 99designs service) - the design should include recent press, and marketplace statistics... i.e. how many business listed for sale, how many successful transactions, etc. Feel free to CALL or Skype me or my team for clarification on any topic. Our team consists of a internet entrepreneur - a lawyer, biz dev person, plus 2 programmers/developers who will help integrate and code your design work.


Dear Talented Web Designers,

We are developing a new Web Business, a Business-for-Sale Listing service. I need a full re-branding and front-end re-design to re-skin and apply a theme of your creation! We have clients already in this business brokering business, running from a previous DBA, please see:

- Theme/Graphic must be easily applied to the website. We are open to ANY color scheme, graphics, theme, and logo/identity ideas. This is a business-for-sale listing service, so must be professional, clean, yet ok to be a bit more modern and web 2.0ish than some of the established comps. You are not expected to do any programming - I've got two php/mysql programmers on board, but you should expect to spend time helping to understand your design concept.

- I'll upload more materials, video clips, zip files, and be as proactive as possible with feedback during the contest.

- You should include a WordPress-to-homepage box, it is installed here: - Similar to where our Blog is also our Company News / Press Section.

- I welcome use of as many 3rd party open-source tools - i.e. your design can include a Live-Person Phone graphic - and you can assume the code can be developed by our programmers.

Thank you in advance! Good luck!

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Homepage Template for Entire Site, this design will be used site-wide, header, footer, internal pages, etc.

Sito esistente is the current website. Please DO NOT use this as any indication on how we want the new website to look. It is a placeholder website only. Please be creative and note that you design will also be used as the Corporate Identity w/logo, etc. Logo must use the 909brokers URL and phone number in a creative way.

- Obviously, we are using the telephone number as the business name, and expect you to be creative in coming up with the theme/logo/look/feel using the name of the site: and (909) BROKERS - I also want to make sure the numbered version of the phone number 909-276-5377 is clear on the front page, and with a customer-service-chat-box as we WANT CUSTOMERS TO CALL US!

- Your web design can/should be used as the corporate identity package as well - logo, etc, so please make sure that the logo can be cut/removed from the design. Again, the name of the company AND the logo/web design is the phone number - we are open to creativity.

esempi di siti web (Market Leader, best Comp) (Some Overlap to Above) (good international reach) (good for mid-market deals) (Great Comp, Sister company to 99designs) (Regional Comp) (My Service, under Development right now)

Design specs will have more details about each. Please PM me for any more questions you might have. Thanks in advance!

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