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Web 2.0 homepage design for new keyword research membership site

blinkweb necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 13 design presentati da 8 designer.


Come blinkweb ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet


We need a new homepage design to have a web 2.0 feel to it. We're a new web 2.0 startup company that specializes in keyword generation and keyword research. Our web based application, Keyword Elite, is the service/tool we plan on selling. A VERY detailed description of what we want is in the "read the brief" section of this listing. We took the time to be very detailed, as we know exactly what we want. So, this should better help you create something :-) Thanks!

Nome del brand

Keyword Elite by Bryxen Software, Inc.

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

Things to note about
what sort of design we like:
- Should have a web 2.0 look and feel
- Light colors are a plus. White
backgrounds look nice
- Should contain a new and improved
version of our current logo. You can see it on the box at This site
layout is horrible, so completely ignore it. We don’t have the PSD of the
logo, so you’ll just need to create it from scratch and improve on it.
It’s very basic, so shouldn’t be difficult.
- We like the shiny/glassy look for
images, buttons, etc.(This text should go
in the header)

Keyword Elite 2.0

All New and improved!

(This should be the
main headline on the site)

“Uncover The Keywords That Will Make You Money!”

(This text should go
somewhere prominent on the site)

- Over 20 times faster

- Access it anywhere in the world

- Now PC or Mac compatible

- Low cost

(You should have a spot where visitors can click something to read TONS
of testimonials from users. We have hundreds and it should be obvious to visitors
to click it to read the testimonials)

The top right should have something similar to this:

It is a membership website, so on the very top right there should be
the login section like this:

(Bottom should have a
similar “layout” as the bottom of as shown here:

(The navigation links
should be: Why Keyword Elite? How do I use it? Proof Keyword Elite works! Try
Keyword Elite!)

(When each link is
clicked, it should display different content. See below for what content it
should display for each navigation linkJ

Why Keyword Elite?

Right now, there are ordinary people just like you, who are
virtually shoveling incredible amounts of money with just keyword phrases and
pay per click advertising, into their bank accounts.

"By incredible, I mean, a whopping four, five or even a
six-figure income each and every month, using nothing but a computer and one
'jealously guarded' little software that builds massive lists of relevant
keywords with the click of a mouse."

5 Important Facts About Pay Per Click Advertising You Must
Know To Survive Online...

Fact #1 - Pay per click advertising is one of the most
powerful ways to reach your target audience (people who are looking for
something to buy) because it can put your marketing message in front of over 1
billion users online in only a matter of minutes!

Fact #2 - Advertising through pay per click generates a
higher than average response and sales.

Fact #3 - The key to success with pay per click advertising
is to build MASSIVE, quality keyword lists and unleash them on to the search
engines and on to your target market.

Fact #4 - Pay per click advertising allows
"anyone" to make an income from home, privately, and watch it grow
into CEO level income! (Yes, if you have
a job right now, you can bet your lunch money that if you follow what I say,
you can make more money than the overpaid CEO of your company!)

Fact #5 - Keywords are the building blocks of the
internet. Without them, you couldn't
find a darn thing...but with them you can dominate the search engines and suck
in traffic and income like clockwork.

The Secret Is In The List...The Keyword List!

That's because these "PPC Marketers" (pay per
click marketers) use their keyword lists to advertise any and every product
that you can possibly think of online.

And All they do compile those keywords and advertise other
people's products -OR- their own
using tiny text ads through advertising networks like Google Adwords, Yahoo
Marketing Solutions and others.

...And they're making a great living online, without a
website, without an email list and without any formal 'business' to speak of.

Advertising this way gives you direct access to over

1 BILLION "money-in-hand" internet users

(actually it's 1,173,109,925 internet users worldwide
according to

Imagine... capturing just a small fraction of the spending
power of those people!

We're talking millions of potential smackerooz in your
pockets if you follow what I'm saying.

Now, I'm pretty sure that by now you're probably thinking
that it all sounds so great but it's probably really difficult to do... but
guess what? It's not difficult at all!

How do I use it?

There's simply no other keyword research/generation tool on
the internet that will allow you to do the things I'm about to show you,

So, sit back, relax and take note of all of the literally
life changing features you're about to learn about.

(Somehow display the
following 4 main features. Maybe with tabs or something? Don’t use the
layout/format I’m showing below. I just took this off of our current site. We
want it to look completely different)

Proof Keyword Elite

(Here you should list
all the testimonials we have. For now, just have a few “fake” testimonials and
we’ll add ours after your design is finished. Organize it in a way to
accommodate 100+ testimonials.)

Try Keyword Elite!

(This link should take
the user to the order form. You don’t have to design that. Just take them to a
URL I’ll give you later.)

Mi piace

- Should have a web 2.0 look and feel
- Light colors are a plus. White
backgrounds look nice
- Should contain a new and improved
version of our current logo. You can see it on the box at This site
layout is horrible, so completely ignore it. We don’t have the PSD of the
logo, so you’ll just need to create it from scratch and improve on it.
It’s very basic, so shouldn’t be difficult.
- We like the shiny/glassy look for
images, buttons, etc.

Non voglio

- 1980s techie looking site. It should have a "new" 2008 feel.

Pacchetto personalizzato

400 US$

Funzioni gratuite

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