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Web 2.0 Redesign

LOC necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 34 design presentati da 7 designer.


Come LOC ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet


We currently have a site and are adding new features and a want an updated look for our launch. We specifically have 6 pages which need to be redesigned plus an intro tour.

Definitely looking for a long term relationship with the winning designers as we have a lot of design work pending.

We have run 3 previous contests and awarded and paid the winner in all 3, so we are looking to select a winning design from the submissions.

Nome del brand

Che cosa ti ispira e qual è la visione del design della tua attività?

To see the current site, go to You have the option to: Learn more about LOC or enter the world of live on campus - You want to pick 'Enter the World of Live on Campus'.... those are the pages we need done: will see our site, which allows for any campus to create their own campus newspaper. Here is an overview of the design requirements for each page - please email us with any questions (we've done a number of these contests successfully in the past and have quick response times):
- Home Page
The aim of this page is to be very visually oriented for users to go deeper within the site. It functions like the first level of search, whereby the user can determine what section they want and drill down from there. The goal is also to keep the page clean and easy to understand - Web 2.0 Styling with an apple like interface to keep things focused on the key elements. It's focused on youth so the look needs to reflect a global college audience. The overall goal is to spotlight the student contributors and keep our own identity (the eye logo) relatively subdued.
The primary elements of this page are: The Masthead (The Masthead is meant to be customized to each campus and reflect the feel of that particular campus), contribution, the user login panel, the main content search section, the latest content sliders (campuses , contributers, contributions - all one section rather than two as it is now), polls, events, top contributors, LOCstars, and social media tools. Lastly there needs to be space for a page peel ad in the upper right and 2 regular ads (one skyscraper and one wide banner) in the overall page design.
- Personalization Page
This is the page where a user personalizes their LOC account. On this page, the user would see select and see personalized content based on their favorite campus(es), contributors, and content. The user could add and delete favorite campuses, contributors, and content words here (tags) so they are served up exactly the content they want to see through a daily email 'paper' - This page would most likely be very similar to the home page but the difference being the results are customized to the user and would have the option to select their preferences.
- Article Page
The article page is where we actually display an article written by a student. Right now, this is pretty bland so we'd like to dress this up with design which would focus on highlighting three main parts: the article itself, the contributor, and then the comments. Additionally, the article page needs to have SM tools so users can add this to various sites via an Add This button. The article should also have a section which has room for a photo (with the option to view multiple photos) as well a small section which displays related links to this article.
The rest of the page would have navigation to the latest material, polls, events, and other sections of the paper.
- User Profile Page
This page is meant to spotlight the user - Like most profiles, it would have room for a photo, the person's name, their campus, interests, and then links to their Social Media Profiles. There would also be a list of the articles they have written as well as other content they have created. Lastly, there would be two buttons - one to subscribe to the users RSS feed and the second to add the contributor to a reader's favorite contributor section of their page.
- LOC Stars Page
This page would display the top users on the site in a way which makes them seem like rockstars - It's meant to be fun, visual, and a way to draw viewers into seeing their in-depth profile.
- Our Campus Page
This page is meant to positively spotlight the actual campus of the individual paper - it would focus on a photo gallery, an overview of the campus, key links to campus resources (main site, additional links, etc.), as well as the founding team of that campus who started the paper. It would also show the top 5 contributors from that campus.
- Intro Tour
Pretty straight forward - Imagine you are a new user to the site and have no idea what we do. This would be a clean easy introduction with three options to get started: The Tour for new users would have a What Do We Do, What Can You Do, How To Start. After a Person has Registered, they would see the following options: Find Your Campus, Start Reading, Start Contributing, Personalize My Account.
We'd like to use big, clean, easy to understand visuals for the tour that minimize the reading and resistance so the user interacts further with the site. Again, playful, colorful, and inviting would be key themes for the design.

Mi piace

Very clean, visually oriented design in modern styling similar to Apple or other well thought out UX design models. It is targeting a global audience of youth, so it's important to be bright and appealing without being garish.
We are great at providing feedback so put up some rough comps and we'll let you know if you're heading in the right direction.
Please make sure to label each design with the page you are redesigning as per the 6 we've described + the tour. You can submit for an individual page, all of them, or any combination in between - We will payout based on each winning design.

Non voglio

Boring, corporate, text heavy, generic fonts, or templated designs. Pretty straightforward... We're looking for designs that would make you excited to interact with our site.Ask us if you have questions.

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