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++ WEBSITE TEMPLATE for selling baby products!

Smart Designs necessitava di un nuovo design di pagina web e ha lanciato un contest su 99designs.

È stato scelto un vincitore tra 66 design presentati da 16 designer.


Come Smart Designs ha cominciato il suo viaggio per il design di pagine internet


"Here at BabyOnline, we know how challenging it can be to provide babies with the best of everything without blowing the budget. We feel it is time to change your shopping habits."

We are one of the leaders in the disposable nappies market and one of the leading suppliers of environmentally friendly nappies! The success of it is largely due to many years of experience in the international disposable diapers market. Our extensive product range has been carefully selected to provide you with value for money.

Right from the beginning BabyOnline has concentrated on providing customers with high quality products at very competitive prices.

Our guidelines are simple:
Quality products
Variety of options
Value for money
Excellent customer service

Another reason for our popularity is our diverse range of products. We proudly cater for needs of every caregiver. We supply a variety of quality products, from nappies right through to car seats and other baby products, all at affordable prices.

Dicci qualcosa su di te e sulle persone che vuoi raggiungere

Our target audience are parents, mainly mothers who frequently buy their nappy supplies online along with other baby products.

They love their new family member and want to give them the best in life and make sure whatever they buy for their baby, they know they can trust.

=================== Could not fit in Requirements ===============

We'll be using the following rating system (borrowed from delynnberry competition "thanks"):

1 star - Wrong direction, start over
2 star - Some elements we like, but it's still a miss
3 star - Interesting concept that needs further refinement. You're getting close but need revisions or a different angle to your design
4 star - A great design. Probably only needs a tweak of color or shading.
5 star - You've made the Final Cut.


This design if for an online shopping website. You can look at the current website we are upgrading to get a feel of the products and content it will be presenting at This website is very retro and the design and colors are way too strong overpowering all it's content. The new design
needs to be completely different.

Please look at to see many of the new shopping features the new website will be using. it will be using the same shopping engine.

Design Requirements:

- We have a new logo design, thanks to Mickle here on 99designs! We now need a new website design that works well with this new logo. You can view it here:…online.JPG

- Try not to use typlical Pink & Blues please. Maybe for highlights only.

- Keep it clean and simple but with some extra level of sophistication and detail to really present the products and content well plus make it easy for people to intuitively use.

- We are looking for a modern design with soft tones and a good feel. The design at really inspires us. Not nessasaryly these colors. Something like this will definitely impress us.

- Design the width of the website for 1024 be viewed on resolutions but with a smart background design that bleeds out to the full width on larger resolutions. The above mint websites deals with this well, here's another couple of examples: or

- Find a good balance with the design that's too strong, so that the logo, content and products can easily stand out and not be over powered by the website design as you will see with the current design.

- As well as the master design template we need content design concepts for the the front page layout, the products listings and product zoom (more info) pages.

We are not experts so feel free to put forward any design ideas you professionly think is a good choice for this online busines. The website's main objective it to do a good job attracting customers and selling baby products online.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and work with me to help you do the best job.

Additional requirements include:
- Original file format used to build the logo.
- Provide the names of any fonts used.
- In the future the design will also be used on basic print.

The winner will be someone who can truly impress us and show some great talent. They will also be someone who would be enthusiastic to work with us on the rest of this project to help us to create an award winning website, which is already very successful even with its current retro design.

We look forward to your entries, all the best!


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