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"Great design intuitions! Captured the spirit very well"
Immagine del profiloharmonylio0
"Matt came up with a very clever design and almost read my mind on the words I couldn't find when writing the brief. Very highly recommended, I would love to work with Matt again. "
Immagine del profiloAquaticChris
"Definitely one of the best designers. nice to work with ! top - we recommend"
Immagine del profiloOldschool Road-Sign
"Definitely one of the best designers. Definitely again - we'd love to come back for a new order. top - we recommend"
Immagine del profiloOldschool Road-Sign
"This designer created what I wanted, great design, revisions, and easy to work with. Will work with in the future."
Immagine del profiloMikemlm4711
"Top notch! Best Artist we have worked with yet! Not our first 99 Designs contest! "
Immagine del profiloinfoJi
"Great communication and attention to detail."
Immagine del profilojluciano1028
"Matt did a great job with that concept and hit it out of the park. "
Immagine del profiloJfwright585
"Does amazing work...great communication "
Immagine del profiloDotseygibl
"Thanks, Matt! Well done!"
Immagine del profilodjgargar
"Job well done!!!"
Immagine del profiloJfwright585
"Awesome as always :)"
Immagine del profilotarynd21
"Awesome work once again :)"
Immagine del profilotarynd21
"Amazing designer! Very quick to make edits and communicate! Is able to see and implement your vision with ease!"
Immagine del profilodjgargar
"Thanks mate! It looks great."
Immagine del profiloRickAlan
"Thanks Matt! Perfect work ;-) "
Immagine del profiloharald.huber
"Matt is a talented designer, and responds quickly , will definitely work with him again"
Cliente anonimo
"Thanks for everything.!!!"
Immagine del profiloDotseygibl
"Great design Matt was very easy to work with!!"
Cliente anonimo
"Excellent work. Will Hire again."
Cliente anonimo
"Excellent Work as usual"
Cliente anonimo
"He is a great designer. Communication was easy and he knew how to adapt the design to my wishes. I can only recommend Matt!"
Cliente anonimo
"This really captured our bands aggressive nature, still being truefull to our original idea. Also the spray look was a good finishing touch."
Immagine del profilorami.saarela
"Matt was very obliging and I am very pleased with the final result"
Immagine del profiloAntony Visser
"We have worked with Matt 3 times and a great guy. He's more visual than description based so try to get your ideas on paper even if it's a basic drawing or scan. He's extremely creative and good fun to work with."
Immagine del profilotarynd21
"Excellent fast work. Always responsive. "
Cliente anonimo
"great inspiration really came to the table with what i was looking for"
Cliente anonimo
"Thanks for the design, Matt, and thank you for working with us. Hopefully we can work on something again in the future :)"
Immagine del profiloHorrorMakesUsHappy
"Matt did an amazing job, he really understood the message I'm trying to tell my clients and put it into an amazing logo, I also have to say that I'm blown away by the level an expertise of all the designers that submitted their work, I could've chosen..."
Immagine del profilogelmanuri
"Great work. Fast response"
Cliente anonimo
"Very good process. Great design and quick at making amendments. Thanks for creating the logo I'll be taking forward on my new business adventure. "
Immagine del profiloarronswelch
"Matt is a fantastic designer and the second time we have worked with him. We are happy for him to use the logo he's created for us to showcase his work here on 99d"
Immagine del profilotarynd21
"Excellent work - I recommend definitely."
Cliente anonimo
"Matt is so easy to work with and an excellent and creative artist. I highly recommend him."
Immagine del profilorallenX
"Excellent work. Fast, precise and very professional."
Cliente anonimo
"Unique take and great work"
Cliente anonimo
"Very professional designer, I'm very glad to work with Matt_Dieth, hope we can work together for later. Thank you"
Cliente anonimo
"Matt_Dieth did an excellent job. He responded quickly to our requests and is a great designer."
Immagine del profilobobbyalbertson
"Great to work with. "
Immagine del profiloDotseygibl
"I had to rework some of my designs and Matt's first draft nailed it! It was my third project with Matt now! Very good work! Thank you again, Matt!"
Immagine del profiloholger.flegel
"Great work! Captured our new brand perfectly."
Cliente anonimo
"Matt_Dieth was very patient and diligent with our requests and design. He was very attentive and created our brand’s logo to perfection. We are very satisfied and would highly recommend his work."
Immagine del profilotoorealmellobooking
"Excellent Work. Fast and high quality."
Cliente anonimo
"Amazing! Great to work with!"
Cliente anonimo
"I highly recommend "
Immagine del profilodssaudio
"Great work. Fast and beautiful!"
Cliente anonimo
"A polished graphic artist. Great to work with and very collaborative."
Immagine del profilomichaellucaseng
"Wonderful! Thank you!"
Cliente anonimo
"Great to work with, fast and to the point!"
Immagine del profilostampedecityhotsauce
"Matt did an outstanding design. He worked with us for several iterations, taking our ideas and expanding on them. We could not possibly have had a more positive working relationship or outcome."
Immagine del profilorallenX
"Awesome work! Had the strongest designs from beginning to end. Would certainly welcome any opportunity to work with Matt again!"
Cliente anonimo
"Phenomenal! Pulled a rabbit out of an 'untalented hat' and produced a masterpiece. Thanks again! "
Immagine del profilovickiebusinessaccount
"Great graffiti!"
Immagine del profilostevenhackman
"I seriously can not say enough good things about Matt. He is an incredible artist. He exceeded my expectations in every way. I am hoping to work with him in the future. 5+ Stars"
Immagine del profilopassingo70
"Wonderful experience working with Matt Dieth!!! Made my ideas into a work of art and perfected the 'artistic thoughts' dancing like sugar plums in my head. Was a GREAT PLEASURE working with you!! I look forward to MANY MANY MANY more projects!!! THANK Y..."
Immagine del profilovickiebusinessaccount
"Process went very well. Got lots of designs. Everyone was great to work with. The winner was responsive, able to make change quickly and really got what we were looking for."
Immagine del profilodaniel0K
"He was very proactive, took suggestions and worked with them, came up with several options, delivered quickly."
Immagine del profiloPdagostaK
"Matt does amazing work! Cheers!"
Immagine del profiloSoundcrowstudios
"Great work - again!! Very fast realisation, very accurate work, very good result! Thank you very much!"
Immagine del profiloholger.flegel
"I loved how clean, bold, and professional all the logo submissions were. There was a lot of attention paid to the details. Revisions were timely and on-point. 100% recommended!"
Immagine del profilorussmullermixing
"One of the best graphic designers I have ever seen. Went above and beyond what we asked for. Was one of a few who actually read the brief and understood exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend this designer to anyone looking for very ..."
Immagine del profiloboysofbaseball
"Hope to work with you again in the future. Well done."
Cliente anonimo
"Great feeling to these designs. Well done."
Cliente anonimo
"Captured some amazing designs in such a short time. Well done."
Cliente anonimo
"Great fast service as usual! "
Immagine del profiloJamie_P
"Great collaboration, worked well my feedback, and provided a logo that really delivers."
Immagine del profiloseansulli
"Great submissions, was timely and creative with my descriptions! Very happy "
Cliente anonimo
"Very (!) good design for our product! First shot was almost perfect and Matt_Dieth did the last rework very quickly!! Thank you very much!"
Cliente anonimo
"This designer followed my prompt to a tee and provided original and compelling artwork."
Immagine del profiloOrangeHydrantToyCo
"The designer was amazing to work with. He read the brief, and came up with exactly what I was envisioning! Very professional when it came to edits, and was very quick to modify. "
Immagine del profiloJamie_P
"Matt is very professional and easy to work with. His talent is evident in his work and he has a keen ability to take what's in your head and make it come to life. I will be working with him again."
Immagine del profilojustushogmob
"The designer was very quick to respond and make changes. He really thought outside of the box and came up with a great design."
Immagine del profiloJennifer at FRC
"Great! Fast Work"
Immagine del profiloridgerunnerdistillery
"Matt was quick with turnaround and great at implementing feedback! Thanks, Matt!"
Immagine del profilostevenwinkelstein
"Awesome work and very responsive. "
Immagine del profilostephen315e