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When it comes to app design, there are many important factors that will make your design successful. Your users, simplicity, usability, accessibility, app objectives, business goals, user experience and visual design. Adam just nailed all these important factors for the Mindset Mastery App Design. He used a minimalist approach which works perfectly with the main purpose of this app, empowering the user to have a seamless interaction. The aesthetics are on point, the background images bring it to life keeping the users engaged, as well as surprised. Adam made great design decisions by using design principles (contrast, balance, proximity, repetition, hierarchy, and alignment). A masterpiece that will inspire others. Awesome work, Adam!

Ruben Cespedes

Adam Marsh's meditation app design delights users with a daily dose of beautiful photography and a single sleek button to do a daily check-in. The design is minimal and easy to use. Users are walked through their morning reflection and can easily navigate the app's simple features. Little details like switching from day to night mode make the app experience delightful whenever it's used. Great work, Adam!

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