Eyes of a POW
Way of the viper
The No Survivors Rule
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Book cover "The Unforgiven"
'War of the worlds' book cover
Memories revived in a robot's eyes
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book cover
Late Winter
Nightfallers book cover
Poetry book

Chi siamo

Master of Manipulation!!! 🙏

Drunken Move tool, Tiger Selection tool, Five Deadly Vectors, Dragon Burn tool, Chameleon Blending Modes and a long-forgotten skill "Hidden Layer". 🙏

I will use all my skills to make your book stand out. 🙏

🙏 🙏 🙏


Utente dal: 09 giugno 2013


"The fourth project I've worked on with _BOB_. This artist nails it for sure. Excellent work!"
Immagine del profilorecipemetrl recensione lasciata 3 giorni fa
"I loved Bob's simple bold design. It forcefully conveys the drama of the novel. I think it has a timeless quality and will appeal to readers across several genres. I hope to work with Bob again in the future."
Cliente anonimo recensione lasciata 5 mesi fa
"I've found Bob a creative, flexible and patient Designer, willing to work with me on numerous tweaks and revisions to the core concept (which was agreed upon relatively quickly) to land the finer details and then adapt it for the e-book, print, promotio..."
Immagine del profilomctagiB recensione lasciata 6 mesi fa
"Spectacular! _BOB_ has the vision to take your words and view them through an artistic lens to project a work that will draw readers into your worlds."
Immagine del profilorecipemetrl recensione lasciata 7 mesi fa
"Bob did a great job. He was able to take my words and turn them into a beautiful book cover."
Immagine del profiloShaune Arnold recensione lasciata 8 mesi fa