Box for whiskey glass
Ace of spades
Ace of spades
Sampson's Legacy book two
Legacy of Ashes book one


I've worked in advertising agencies and printing factory.
I have enough knowledge of the making design and printing.
If you want to contact me :

Paese: Bulgaria. Membro dal: 13 luglio 2013
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"Great work. Max63 worked very hard on this. "
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"Max did a great job! He was provided many different versions of my design with surpassed my vision for the project. "
Immagine del profilortmbsupply
"Max is an outstanding designer. He convinces with competence and tremendous experience. I'm a big fan of his work, he knows 100% of what he does. His customer service and communication is more than good, absolutely great! He takes into account all custo..."
Immagine del profilotomeibe16
"He blew me away with his initial artwork and only improved upon it as the contest went on. He responds back very fast and is more than happy to help in any way to change up the designs. Very nice and good to work with, he went beyond my expectations. "
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"Really high quality, and response really fast"
Cliente anonimo
"Excellent 3D graphic artist. Very talented and creative designer. Would love to work with him again. Thank you Max. "
Cliente anonimo
"Fantastic designer! Efficient and dedicated. The final design couldn't have been better and was exactly what we envisioned. Thanks for the great work!"
Immagine del profilohellovz
"He did all the corrections I asked. Wonderful cover. Unexpected. "
Immagine del profiloajrod127
"Max63 is an utter pleasure to work with, and always produces amazing designs."
Immagine del profiloNavy Thriller
"Best eye in photoshop and best design skills I have ever seen. Amazing work, every time, very patient, you can't do any better."
Immagine del profiloric.beard
"Max is amazing. This is the second cover he has done for me and I am SO PLEASED!!!. I cannot believe how skilled he is in Photoshop. To see the pictures he started with and the pictures he finished with is just BREATH TAKING. Best designer I have ever w..."
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"Good job nice to work with "
Cliente anonimo
"Good job Thanks "
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"Awesome job Great "
Cliente anonimo
"Good job Nice to work with "
Cliente anonimo
"Thank you Arthur "
Cliente anonimo
"Max is a freaking genius. He has an amazing eye, he goes way beyond the expected, and he has only his customer in mind. I hired him because he worked on a contest of mine. I asked him to leave the context and develop an entirely different project. I am ..."
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"Amazing job as always "
Cliente anonimo
"Very good work Thank you dear "
Cliente anonimo
"pur first project was good but the 2nd one will be the best i believe in max63 and he will do it am sure "
Cliente anonimo
"Was extremely productive creating many graphic and 3D design options Also very responsive."
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"Working with Max is the best! Did everything I asked for, came up with brilliant ideas and did the job perfectly. Max has my highest recommendation and I'm looking forward to work him on my 1on1 projects."
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"Has dealt very promptly with my enquiries"
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"Dealing with Max was so easy. I am very demanding with very high standards. I only work with the best and expect outstanding results. I got what I expected as far as creativity, and good ideas. Max is extremely patient and finishes on time and he was a..."
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