Vintage style logo for a musical instrument
Logo for a small leather goods seller
Male dietary supplement logo
Branding for a digital marketing company
Logo for a sleeping chair
Logo for a shop specializing in the sale of vintage mallet percussion instruments and timpani
Cover design for a book about overcoming porn addiction
Nutrition logo - overnight muscle growth
Book for single moms with financial problems
Holistic brand logo
Gourmet cafe logo
Julian's cafe logo


"Excellent work as always. "
Immagine del profiloinfodlu
"World-class communicator and designer"
Immagine del profilomatthew95thompson
"Martin is an absolute gift to work with. Not only does he bring creative vision and direction to a project, but also delivers on-time and on-spec. Can't recommend enough, "
Immagine del profilomatthew95thompson
"As usually, great work. Thanks Martin!"
Immagine del profiloinfodlu
"Excellent work as always! "
Immagine del profiloinfodlu
"Thanks for the great work Martin! "
Immagine del profiloinfodlu
"As always, Martin delivers in record time and with outstanding results. Thank you Martin! "
Immagine del profiloinfodlu
"Martin is possibly the best designer I have ever worked with. His craft itself is exceptional and his style is both dynamic and brilliant. But it's his ability to make suggestions, speed to edit and professional communication that makes him world..."
Immagine del profilomatthew95thompson
"Great design and was a pleasure to work with. Timely and even got me the business card changes within a day so I could get them to the printer. Cheers!"
Immagine del profilocase.lawlor
"Martin was easy to work with, easy to communicate with and eager to make changes when asked. Thank you for sharing your design talents Martin! "
Immagine del profiloinfodlu
"Prompt responses and timely delivery on promised work. Qulity on workmanship"
Immagine del profiloThabani
"Great creativity, love the design."
Cliente anonimo
"Excellent work. The only designer who understood what we were trying to do. "
Cliente anonimo
"Thank you to all who participated, but especially Martin, who was able to see my vision through his creativity from his very first submission!"
Immagine del profilocert
"Another awesome job by Martin! Will look forward to the next project with him!"
Immagine del profilocgaudi
"Martin has made this experience very easy. He replies quickly and is open to suggestions."
Cliente anonimo
"Another great job by Martin!"
Immagine del profilocgaudi
"Thanks. You are the Best"
Immagine del profilouwerennerkg
"Martin took initiative on the design and maintained constant communication. Great job "
Immagine del profilodustinsun
"Martin is the best!"
Immagine del profilocgaudi
"Martin did an amazing job on my website and logo. He was the only one who came up with a logo that suited me and my business perfectly. He answered every question I had and fixed even the littlest things when I had comments about my site. Always had a p..."
Immagine del profiloJenna_free
"Really understood the type of design we needed for our product packaging from the start. Very creative and talented and will definitely want to work with him on future projects."
Cliente anonimo