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I experienced user in Photoshop, Illustrator. Also I have some experience in Logo Design, Design Layout, Illustration 2D and Vector Illustration, Line Drawing, Charicature, Illustration for Kids.

I'm at your disposal for any questions or work.
if you have project please invite me 1 to 1 project.

Paese: Indonesia. Membro dal: 19 novembre 2014
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"Amazing quality work, really talented artist. I would recommend him and 100% will work with him if we create a full project."
Cliente anonimo recensione lasciata 4 mesi fa
"Thank you very much for your appreciation, I hope you are satisfied with my work."
Immagine del profiloillusive trust ha risposto 4 mesi fa
"Very responsive"
Immagine del profiloerind_at_soc recensione lasciata 7 mesi fa
"Thank you for your appreciation, hopefully it will be used well, always a good day for you!!"
Immagine del profiloillusive trust ha risposto 7 mesi fa
"There are so many great artists on here, but this artist really impressed us!"
Immagine del profilophillipsprocyclM recensione lasciata 10 mesi fa
"Thank you very much!! I hope you don't regret choosing me and work with me again for the next time :)"
Immagine del profiloillusive trust ha risposto 10 mesi fa
"Amazing thanks!"
Cliente anonimo recensione lasciata circa 2 anni fa
"great stuff. thanks!"
Immagine del profilomistersplice recensione lasciata circa 2 anni fa