Fun logo for a new real estate company
Logo for Myfit
Logo for Skeeter's
Playful logo for Statesboro Pediatric Dentistry
Logo for Ideal Food
Playful logo for chat app company
Pepper&Paprika cafe
Logo for Foto Modlic
The Snugglebunny Boutique
David A. Buchan D.D.S. logo
"Take My Christmas Tree" logo


Graphic designer with a bachelor degree, creative, ambitious, responsible, ready to work and to improve acquired skills.

Membro dal: 09 aprile 2015


"Great work as usual!"
Cliente anonimo
"Made my visualization of what I wanted for a Logo come to life!"
Immagine del profilo726dbr
"Peaches was amazing, she listened to all my feedback and made the perfect logo for me- it was exactly as I had envisaged."
Immagine del profiloxaoifex
"This was an amazing experience. Peaches0108 was extremely responsive and thoughtful and truly cared about creating the perfect design for my new company."
Immagine del profilomark.gladney
"I really enjoyed working with this designer. She captured my vision perfectly at a very early stage, clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of my brief. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, always so accommodating and made requested change..."
Immagine del profilokyriK
"Loved the work - very responsive to my questions and feedback! "
Immagine del profiloredpandarecording
"Designer was very open to feedback and came back with something that hit exactly what we were hoping for. I'll definitely be in touch with designer again for future work!"
Immagine del profilob2hogan
"Always a pleasure to work with this professional Designer. I am looking forward to work more with her :D"
Immagine del profilorathjulian25
"Really great work to create variations on a theme that "Peaches" already created."
Immagine del profilonick 4d
"Needed a simple design after a complicated one for my app icon. Perfect designer 👩‍🎨 "
Immagine del profilorathjulian25
"She was the first designer who tried to design my logo and the one who worked the hardest. Together, we developed the design beyond my understanding of art. Always responsive. Great Designer. Great Person to work with. It was fun, would do it agai..."
Immagine del profilorathjulian25
"Peaches0108 was amazing to work with. She stepped up to every challenge I threw at here, giving me multiple examples to choose from. I mean this as a huge compliment...She made our decision very difficult, her work and attention to our suggestions was..."
Immagine del profilordniles
"very responsive and understanding of my feedback. thank you for your work!"
Immagine del profilodgirlfriday
"We search and we found what we want. Nice work and very fast, every time when anything was to change she do that immediately! We are very proud to work with an strong and friendly Designer like you. Thanks for your good work an we wish you all the be..."
Immagine del profilooebilge
"Fantastic work and very easy to work with!"
Immagine del profilorcshurtz
"Peaches0108 is a fantastic designer and delivered an incredible logo."
Cliente anonimo
"Great to work with, patient and always quick on feedback and change requests. i'm so thrilled!"
Immagine del profiloirasutex
"The best designer, I highly recommend him."
Immagine del profiloha_a_sh
"We loved how hard you kept working on refining the idea! Thanks for the great work!"
Immagine del profilosimonplummer1
"Peaches0108 was great to work with, very accommodating and quick with edits! I would highly recommend them to anyone!"
Immagine del profilowifamilysportschiro
"A pleasure to work with!"
Immagine del profiloquirkyone
"Great designer and a pleasure to work with. Thanks!"
Cliente anonimo
"I think given the request and budtet peaches did really well. But, I think in the future it's better to start from scratch instead of adapting an exiting, even popular, design. this is not peaches' fault at all. Her first two edesingnw were home runs..."
Immagine del profilonick 4d
"i love peaches' work! Nice job :)"
Immagine del profilonick 4d
"Peaches0108 has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Notwithstanding that her designs have been excellent, she has been present and forthcoming with her responses to all our requests and questions. I highly recommend Peaches for your design work :)"
Cliente anonimo
"Wonderful. Amazingly creative. Very impressed with the design."
Immagine del profiloscottx
"This was my first experience working with 99Designs, and I couldn't be happier. My company was looking for a logo for a new allograft we're launching for rhinoplasty, and we had lots of great entires within a day or two. The concepts sent to us by desig..."
Immagine del profiloLisa_Miller
"Peaches0108 stayed on top of the contest the whole time and constantly wanted to know what could be done to improve the design. Any suggestions made were very quickly worked over and the designs only improved. It was a real pleasure to work together."
Immagine del profilojgreeninc15
"Peaches made this so easy. All feedback was taken clearly so edits were always progressive and in the right direction. Smooth creative process and always super quick on the changes. Peaches will now become a 1-1 for future work for our Wonder Pies & Fri..."
Immagine del profilojodianncrocker
"Multiple designs were presented for my company logo. But only one designer really listened to my design ideas and gave me multiple different options and ways of looking at it. Great Job Peaches! I would definitely return for future projects."
Immagine del profiloAspentoomey
"Was very responsive, fast and had great ideas!"
Cliente anonimo
"outstanding communication and dedication to work"
Immagine del profilofuzhyperblue
"My experience working with Peaches0108 was great from start to finish. She was by far the most responsive and eager to please. Her turn around time is amazing quick and she definitely listened to my needs. I could not be happier and I would highly recom..."
Cliente anonimo
"Very responsive and creative designer."
Cliente anonimo
""Peaches" was an absolute peach and a pleasure to work with. She does wonderful work and is happy to incorporate changes. She is as responsive as she is talented, and I fully intend to work with her in the future."
Immagine del profilojimmykeating
"Peaches, is very professional and easy to work with, very fast to complete the task and changes. I can recommend to work with her. "
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