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"Great work! I had other designs that I worked more closely with designers on during this process, but ultimately this particular design won out again and again with my readers and in poll to fans. Well done!"
Immagine del profilosethharwood
"romy was clear and concise and a pleasure to work with. Her design captured the message. "
Immagine del profilopetepryor
"Very responsive and quick to respond to changes. "
Cliente anonimo
"Romy is responsive to feedback and provided all files in desired formats immediately after their logo was chosen."
Immagine del profiloBusch
"Highly professional and responsive."
Immagine del profiloCkendrick
"Romy is very talented. She has a keen eye for design. She had ideas I had never considered. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future."
Immagine del profiloDallasacu
"I have been extremely pleased working with romy. Fast and responsive to feedback, and gets it right the first time."
Immagine del profiloSFH Nigeria