Fun cover for a Prison-Break Memoir
Detective Series - 3rd book
Spy-Adventure Book Cover
"Heathcliff's Tale" fiction book cover
A book cover for a coming of age tale
French Thriller
Crime Fiction cover
Book Cover design for a collection of short stories
 a bookcover for a winter Lovestory
Sci-fi book "Project Tau"


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Hi, my name is Clarissa! I'm a part-time editor and a part-time graphic designer and photographer.
I like working closely with my clients till we reach together a design they'll love!

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"As always, working with Clarissa from Clar.c Design was so wonderful. She always delivers exactly what we're looking for, is so timely, and is so professional! Thank you again!"
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"As always, working with Clar.c Design has just been a dream! This cover is the exact tone we were going for and Clarissa just nailed it again! So pleased."
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"Again - just loved working with Clarissa! We get such great feedback on her covers, and she's a dream to work with!"
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"A+ designer. Thanks."
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"Once again, Clarissa of Clarc Designs delivered the most beautiful paperback jacket. We are so pleased and can't wait to work on the other titles in the series with her!"
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"Clarissa was excellent. I wasn't bombarded with many poor designs, in the hope that I'd like one. She took her time and created an outstanding cover. Extremely professional."
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"Another fantastic cover from Clarc Designs. We always look forward to working with Clarissa - she always delivers exactly what we're looking for!"
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"Working with Clarc Design was again wonderful. Immediately understood our brief and delivered exactly what we were looking for!"
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"Clarissa at Clarc Design was amazing to work with. She nailed our brief almost immediately. Completely understood our direction with feedback, and was so kind about our team using 99 Designs for the first time. I would highly recommend!"
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"Clarc Design ha capito immediatamente la mia richiesta, con un risultato al di sopra delle mie stesse aspettative."
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