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Versa Robes new logo
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Membro dal: 30 marzo 2010
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"Great to work with. Very professional, everything supplied in a timely manner. Would not hesitate working with Hard Core Design again."
Immagine del profilojprak
"I need a Logo to represent my project and I could not have asked for a better result! Killer job and a hell of a designer. A pleasure to work with"
Immagine del profiloFabrycatedmetal
"Overall great experience , with great designs and presentations ."
Immagine del profiloRponceproduce
"A GREAT designer! Very professional and skilled! I would definitely work with him again. "
Immagine del profiloJwpstuff
"Professional, responsive, createive and open to suggestion. One of the easiest projects I've ever subbed out. Would definitely work with Hard Core Design again."
Immagine del profiloRichB11
"Worked hard to accommodate our desire! Pleasure to work with, efficient, and creative mind. On point with all our suggestions. "
Immagine del profiloJvillapiano
"Wonderful job! Listened for the details I was striving for. Very professional"
Immagine del profiloCenurse