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Cover Book
The delicious italian food store
Montello logo
Create new poster for horror film, Agoraphobia
icon or button design for Killa Professional
Designers dream greeting card
Firstlight Federal Credit Union needs a new design
New book or magazine cover wanted for Clair Mountain Publishing
Help Phewtick with a new icon or button design
Create the next illustration for Kram Records
Help Jennifer Treacy Cole with a book cover design!


"Great work, Great effort and very creative."
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"EdnaBrent is awesome to work with, very responsive, and extremely talented! Its been a great experience all the way through this process and I'm sure we will be working together again soon. Thanks!"
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"Working with EdnaBrent was a beautiful experience. I love her vivid images, her expansive imagination, her responsiveness and professionalism. I would recommend anyone invite her to their contest to raise the bar."
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"Working with EdnaBrent was a complete pleasure, extremely professional and talented. Always quick to respond with new creative ideas and changes.....the best!"
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