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I am a designer and illustrator. I specially love chidren illustration and simple designs.

Utente dal: 02 settembre 2015


"Always awesome as usual."
Cliente anonimo recensione lasciata circa un mese fa
"I needed a logo design for a mobile app I'm creating, and Angela was absolutely amazing. In the middle of the design, I found out from my trademark attorney that the name and tagline I was planning on using were both taken. Angela picked right back up a..."
Immagine del profilocksm0316 recensione lasciata circa un mese fa
"This was a somewhat difficult project as I wasn't really sure what I wanted when we started but Angela did a great job rolling with the flow of the creative act and allowing the logo to reveal itself through iterations. She worked fast and was very resp..."
Cliente anonimo recensione lasciata circa 2 mesi fa
"We prefer illustrations that have a hand-drawn feel rather than those that are computer-drawn or colored. We would also like the colors to be vibrant and cute, similar to the logo. I was unsure about the schedule and budget, so I've provided an estimate..."
Immagine del profiloIIZUKA PRINT recensione lasciata 2 mesi fa
"Always my go to person when it comes to designing quirky, cute logos! Quick turnaround, super creative and very helpful :) Will be working with her on more projects soon"
Cliente anonimo recensione lasciata 3 mesi fa