Restaurant logo
Super Power / Super Hero Themed Logo
Healthy snacking
Evolve (point of sale systems and financial software for businesses).
Logo for Forest Piano Academy
Logo for video production company
Logo for a new type of pain lotion.
The Trail
Logo for Health Community
Logo for an artist, who creates unique things.
Logo for print company that prints labels for the food and drink industry.
Clean & organic logo for a talented writer


"Job went well. Will hire again."
Cliente anonimo
"Drewnick. Great designer. Amazing professional that handles communications and whatever you through at him with perfection. "
Cliente anonimo
"There's no doubt you need to get this designer work on your project. Andrey is dedicated, insightful and a good listener. He really get's where you want to go. I really keen on he's work because it is such a good quality."
Immagine del profiloSarah...
"Out of over 300 designers / designs. He was able to convey exactly what message we wanted to send out clients with very little direction from us. "
Immagine del profilosteffonc
"Awesome work, Great design "
Cliente anonimo
"Great work will continue to hire."
Immagine del profiloslimhokie 8
"Wonderful logo, fabulous designer. "
Cliente anonimo
"Working with Drewnick was just great! He took all my questions and ideas, worked really fast and professional. He also was alsways very kind, answered in short time and is very flexible. I can highly recommend him! "
Cliente anonimo
"Great job on this project. Will order again."
Cliente anonimo
"Excellent work! Great aesthetics, fast communication, skilled and professional. Will be working with Andrey again."
Immagine del profilosourabh1
"Andrey was efficient with his time and work and got the job done!"
Immagine del profiloslimhokie 8
"advisable. thank you..."
Immagine del profiloperrodeantonio
"We wanted a very distinguishable logo that will be easily recognizable and associated with our company whenever it's seen. It also had to be simple and include the design elements of water and light. Drewnick did a fantastic job! We couldn't be happie..."
Immagine del profilobswenson
"Awesome service, quick turnaround. Great result!"
Immagine del profilorstebler
"Andrey has done great Job exactly what I was looking for and even better as if he was reading my mind. The quality of his work is very high. Andrey knows what do and how to design the logo you wish. He has more to give do not miss him."
Cliente anonimo
"To be honest, I have never, ever worked with an artist who was willing to work as hard as Drewnick. He has been incredibly responsive to our team (and trust us, we understand the challenges of "art by committee"), is willing to go above and beyond to ge..."
Cliente anonimo
"Drewnick was a pleasure to work with. He offered creative ideas at the beginning and was willing to provide multiple revisions as we worked toward a perfect logo for my business. I highly recommend him."
Immagine del profilojeff ehz
"I can't say enough about DrewNick and how he handled my design every step of the way. He listened to my suggestions and every time came back with great ideas and more than anything did a wonderful job of communicating with me. I feel like I have found..."
Immagine del profiloMikelongre
"DrewNick is nice to work with. Even if you requested something extra!"
Cliente anonimo
"Andrey is a true creative professional. He not only crafted a wonderful logo, he was wonderful to work with."
Cliente anonimo
"Drewnick worked fast and effectively throughout the contest. We were all very pleased with the designs produced and would highly recommend him."
Cliente anonimo
"We were looking for a logo that was modern, design orientated and that also conveyed the product we supply. Andrey grasped our needs and produced a stunning design. When feedback was given, new versions of the logo and modifications were made very quick..."
Immagine del profiloJohn5276
"Excellent project, great response, very helpful designer."
Immagine del profiloivanpope
"It was a pleasure to work with Andrey. He used the brief information I provided on my vision for the branding of my business and made it a reality. It was exactly what I was hoping for! I look forward to using his work to represent me and my company."
Immagine del profiloRupal1
"Working with Drewnick was a real pleasure. Brief has been properly analyzed and the submissions were carefully crafted according to it. A lot. Really a lot of different submissions of high quality."
Cliente anonimo
"An absolute pleasure to deal with, responsive and above all creative. Delivered over and above our brief. Nothing was too much to ask for. - Somnio Global"
Cliente anonimo
"The designer did an excellent job of understanding our requirements and rapidly adapted the design following our input. I am very happy with the logo and think it will be used for a very long time."
Cliente anonimo
"Awesome design, great attention to detail, very prompt responses. would work with again!"
Immagine del profilohyperink
"Very responsive designer with a keen eye for design - am very happy with the results. Recommended strongly!"
Cliente anonimo
"Responsive, professional, and he has an excellent eye for design. The logo pictured was not the final design - there was a cool swirl on the right of the heart. Looks excellent and we're very happy."
Cliente anonimo
"Very professional, responsive, open to suggestions. Great to work with and very creative!!"
Cliente anonimo
"Great work on a unique design!"
Immagine del profilonatattack
"Professional designer - though we were not too easy to please, he followed our feedback fast & with nice results - I would recommend working with Andrey any time."
Immagine del profilojeroenlemaire
"Couldn't be happier with the work done by DrewNick. Talented, responsive, quick, innovative. A total pro."
Immagine del profiloHaugen
"DrewNick was absolutely incredible! All along the process I felt DrewNick understood feedback clearly and was always open to new ideas. Without question, he was fully committed to do an excellent job, but more importantly that the design I was looking ..."
Cliente anonimo
"DrewNick was real quick in responding to correspondence and came up with a design that not only is functional for identification but that really conveys the message we are trying to present! We are very happy with his work!"
Immagine del profiloWhowell
"Very happy with DrewNick's quick response time, and attention to detail in our requests. He kept made prompt changes for us right up to the end of the contest. (Changes were made even beyond the logo represented as the winner.) "
Immagine del profiloAdmin9934