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"There's no other designer out there that does what Vesper does. "
Immagine del profilochris@befreecraft recensione lasciata 9 mesi fa
"Very responsive, offered new ideas to the concept and process. Worked with me in refining the concept and design in a very efficient way."
Immagine del profilomarti3 recensione lasciata 10 mesi fa
"Another mind blowing job from Vesper. I lucked out and found the best graphic design wizard ever. This product/project has led my business to huge sales. "
Immagine del profilochris@befreecraft recensione lasciata 11 mesi fa
"All the designers I have worked with are amazing, but there's levels....and Vesper is on another level. Working with him was eye-opening and if you ever get the opportunity to work with him you'll realize Vesper's skill, talent, process, and professiona..."
Immagine del profilochris@befreecraft recensione lasciata 12 mesi fa
"Vesper is the best thing that happened to our brand. He's helped us develop a comprehensive look to our music and how we present ourselves to world. He's up-leveled our social media positioning tenfold and our fans absolutely LOVE our merch and overall ..."
Immagine del profiloEliLevMusic recensione lasciata quasi 2 anni fa