Design a Column inside a Mall
The Junction : Pole Banner Ads
EUPHORIC HERBALS trade show backdrop
Asturian Group Booklet Design
Japan as the sole superpower by 2041
Graduate Showcase Invitation Design
Stanley - Giravite Essential e flessometro FatMax Premium
MTI Custom Flyer Design
1.800.NoCuffs Burbank Airport Signage
My Dikaan Marketing Tools
Tedder Industries Wall Art
Murphy Law Firm Billboard Design


As I have 12+ years experience as a Professional Website Designer & Graphic Designer, I will always be ready for your 1-on-1 projects. Please save your time & contact me anytime.

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"great job! conceptually strong, very creative, thank you to yudhistira!"
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"Great job! Easy to work with and very responsive."
Cliente anonimo
"The designer made all of my corrections and had a very good feeling for my belongings. I can totally recommend Yudhistira. Thanks for everything. I love this design :-)"
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"Awesome design and designer! So very patient with my requests. Thank you!"
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"Hit the nail on the head with the first submission. Great work!"
Cliente anonimo
"Fantastic designer that added some really great creative touches. Definitely a top level designer who gets it!!"
Cliente anonimo
"Thank you very much indeed for your nice design and prompt correspondence, it was a comfortable work with you, and on the next time, let's work together by 1 to 1 project. I will leave nice feedback to you onto the site. Thank you very much indeed,"
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"It has been a pleasure working with Yudhistire99. Thank you so much! Bee:))"
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"Great work, quick response and a quality product! Thank you!"
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"quick and easy to work with "
Cliente anonimo
"Designer was great at every step"
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"Very pleased with finished artwork. Always good when the public votes for our favourite! Thanks for a great experience all around."
Immagine del profiloJunction Toronto
"Great communicator and easy to work with "
Cliente anonimo
"Fast response and delivery"
Cliente anonimo
"Excellent communication and very high quality work. "
Cliente anonimo
"They did a great job!!! Design was great and they made all the requested changes quickly and perfectly."
Cliente anonimo
"Loved to work with Yudhistira99! Showed great self-initiative - even towards the contest - with high level of details and a flawless execution. Will invite to work again soon. Thank you!!!"
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"quick turnaround. excellent service and design work."
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"Absolutely great to work with! "
Cliente anonimo
"Absolutely great to work with! "
Cliente anonimo
"Thanks a lot, it was nice to work with you on that poster. The result is great!"
Cliente anonimo
"Fast and good. Good communication, good ideas. Fast work and quick changings. Thank you for work together!"
Cliente anonimo
"Thanks a lot! It was nice to work with you."
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"Fantastic work. Very creative and unique approach to design that stood out from the crowd. Lovely to work with. Very responsive to my requests for adjustments. We love the final design."
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"Yudhistira99 is WONDERFUL to work with. I have worked with many artists on 999Designs, and this artist is so great. Not just talented but also very kind and responsive. Very flexible as well. I will definitely utilize this artist again."
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"Quick response to suggestions & questions, a pleasure to work with!"
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"The designer showed a lot of effort, was all the time available and the final design became great - last minute. Maybe a bit more experience would be good. Though, we are really happy with the output!! Thank you. "
Cliente anonimo
"Great working with Yudhistira99 on this project. Very responsive, happy to do lots of versions and a fantastic end result. Highly recommended."
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"Yudhistira was great to work with. Very responsive and happy to make any adjustments needed. Great artwork. Would definitely work with him again!"
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"Always does a great job for us!"
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"I have really enjoyed working with Yudhistira. Listens so well and comes up with really great work! "
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"always on top, following up to my suggestions, provided variations without being asked. top value for the money !"
Immagine del profiloHannes Gredler
"Lightning fast quality work, Thanks!!!"
Cliente anonimo
"This designer exceeded my expectations in every way!!!! I am so happy with the final product. They followed my directions while adding just the right amount of creativity where I asked for it. They were also extremely responsive to all my edit requests...."
Cliente anonimo
"Great design. I like it a lot. "
Immagine del profiloWACG
"Excellent creativity and showmanship! Would love for him to be more driven to produce options and variations."
Immagine del profilogabbyM
"Inghams CIO wanted something positive for the Team to remember, he tasked me with completing a poster and working with Yudhistira was great, took on board any feedback that I presented and came to the table with the design. Yudistira's design was the fi..."
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"He's amazing. We needed what seemed like a crazy project and he totally made it into a reality. A+ and fair rates."
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"Awesome designer - very creative. "
Immagine del profiloacornsales
"Great designer. We are very pleased with the talent and responsiveness here."
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"I asked for a sign using a tool to identify my business. I received a very nice design that will be with me for many years. I am very happy with it and the designer for such a good job."
Cliente anonimo
"Excellent job! "
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"Excellent designer who listened well to our objectives and provided a beautiful poster for our event!"
Immagine del profilomicheleDMB
"Very easy to work with. "
Cliente anonimo
"Thanks with my best wishes."
Immagine del profilogmJ
"Amazing Work!!!!! Quick Response and extremely creative! "
Cliente anonimo
"Great Freelancer. Work was exactly as expected. Would hire again"
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"Absolutely excellent. Highly recommended. "
Cliente anonimo
"Thank you for your great work. All of my requests were made in a very timely manner, I appreciate. "
Immagine del profiloJulie Chenet
"Always fantastic to work with!"
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"This designed was GREAT! All our our requests were made in a very timely manner. "
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"Great job, thank you!"
Cliente anonimo
"Outstanding designer very easy to work with thank you so much"
Immagine del profiloThomasmit123
"Yudhistira99 has been a pleasure to work with. On the ball, ever ready and willing to work through requests, some I think quite difficult, given they were comments on artistic facial features. Calm, professional, most willing to please and keen for the ..."
Immagine del profilobec 9
"Nailed the design on the first attempt. I appreciate how the artist read ALL of the details closely the first time; which saved time on edits. Great job!"
Immagine del profilocparra
"Great Job as always."
Cliente anonimo
"Great designer, Great design, As always."
Cliente anonimo
"Yudhistira99 is not only a talented designer, but is also extremely professional and an excellent communicator as well. I very much enjoyed working with Yudhistira99 and I hope to work with this designer again in the future."
Immagine del profiloDanan Hudson
"This was a great piece of design work. The final result really nailed what I was looking for and he went above and beyond in giving me revisions to make the design perfect."
Immagine del profiloAudio Issues
"The best designer I've worked with in a long time. Great Job!"
Cliente anonimo
"I'm so glad this designer chose to submit something for our contest. They were a pleasure to work with and always very responsive. They were very eager to make minor adjustments and help think through alternatives that might fit our event better. We are..."
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